How To Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

Before you move into your new home, you are going to want to clean the old owners out first! Unless your house has been built brand new, the home you are moving into has been lived in for years. Someone else's living space has been cleared out of their physical belongings, but have you thought about the germs, bacteria, and hidden remnants of past messes they may have left behind? Before you get all comfy and snuggled up in a blanket on your new living room floor, take the necessary steps to thoroughly clean your new home's surfaces.

Our expert technicians here at Zerorez® Houston are ready to transform the surfaces of your home back to their like-new condition: clean, clean, clean! It's our Zr™ Water that makes our revolutionary cleaning process possible. When our Zr™ Water is applied to the surfaces of your home, it loosens embedded dirt and gets rid of a wide range of particles that have been hiding further in that carpet than the eye can see. Our efficient cleaning process not only gets rid of these particles, our process also guarantees that No Residue® will be left behind. With the removal of residues that tend to attract dirt, your floors will stay cleaner longer.


Did you know that carpeting should be professionally cleaned every year in order to maximize its life? When you are moving in, there is really no way of telling how long it has been since your new home's carpet has seen a professional cleaning, so give us a call! Not only will a carpet cleaning by us help extend the life of your carpet, but we also guarantee the removal of all the unwanted debris left behind by the previous owners. Our goal is to help you get settled in and comfortable in your new home as quickly as possible.


Tile and grout is a durable material that is often used in rooms that see a lot of moisture. But all that "wet time" makes tile grout highly attractive to stains, mold, and mildew. Before you tear up the flooring and start over, schedule a professional tile cleaning with Zerorez Houston. Our Zerorez technicians will quickly and easily be able to remove any unsightly stains and infestations. Then, with the application of tile and grout sealer, there will be no need to rip out the old stuff and start over new - we will bring your tile and grout back to its original "like-new" state.

After a cleaning done by Zerorez, you and your family will be ready to move into your new home and begin creating new memories in your squeaky clean spaces. Give us a call at 201-305-4804 or book an appointment online today to be on your way to making your new home a clean home.


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