How to Remove Carpet Odors and Banish Smelly Carpets for Good

Struggling with smelly carpets? How to remove odors from carpets.

Few things are more frustrating than spending an entire day cleaning, only to notice a lingering unpleasant smell from your carpet. Carpet odor can make even the most meticulously maintained home feel and smell unclean. Here are a few tips to lessen or eliminate carpet odors.

Keep Carpets Dry

If you've noticed mold or mildew odors in your carpets, the culprit may be that they are damp due to spills or unnoticed flooding in your home. Leaks and plumbing issues are the most common cause of unnoticed flooding, especially in basements.

If you identify a damp area, dry it as soon as possible using a shop-vac or multiple fans. Drying out your carpets will help prevent further mold and mildew. Still, you'll need professional cleaning to rid your carpets of existing mold and mildew. Zerorez® can help with that!

Address Messes Quickly

One of the most common causes of foul carpet odor is pet urine. Whether you've recently adopted a puppy, have a stubborn cat, or care for an aging pet who doesn't always make it outside, keeping an eye on any pet urine accidents is crucial for maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your carpet.

Soak up the urine as quickly as possible with a dry towel when you see a pet accident. The sooner you can soak it up, the less time it has to seep into the fibers of your carpet and reach the mat beneath. Messes that reach these lower layers are much more difficult to clean. Once the urine has been absorbed off the carpet, apply cleaner or DIY fixes such as club soda or vinegar mixed with warm water.

Even when dealing with messes that are not pet urine related, cleaning up as soon as possible is essential. Whether there's a stepped-on pretzel on the living room floor or a juice spill in the kids' room, removing the mess quickly will give you the best chance of preventing more serious damage and the growth of bacteria that feed on organic material.

Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals is the best action to take for smelly carpets. Zerorez is experienced in cleaning up pet stains and more with the latest carpet cleaning technology. While some carpet cleaners leave a residue behind that compounds bacteria and grime issues, Zerorez leaves No Residue® behind. This means your carpets stay soft and clean, and instead of simply masking the odor as common deodorizers do, Zerorez truly cleans it up!

Maintain Between Professional Visits

Of course, you can't have a professional carpet cleaning each day. Maintain the cleanliness of your carpet between professional visits by vacuuming regularly and acting on messes quickly.

Clean carpets are about more than just comfort and appearance. Keeping your carpets clean can also prevent concerning health impacts from allergens and dirt that can stay in your carpet for years if not addressed. To ensure your family's health and boost the appearance and longevity of your carpets, work with Zerorez.

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