How to Erase Paw Prints and Pet Accidents from Your Home

While you may love that your home reflects the love you have for your pets, you don't want to see traces of your furry family members in the furniture or floors.

There are a few options you have for erasing accidents and paw prints from your home:

Vacuuming everyday will certainly help keep some fur from being visible, but many times the issues go deeper than just the surface. Enlist the help of a cleaning company that specializes in pet treatments for carpet and flooring. Carpet is the biggest air filter in the home so it is especially important to properly remedy any issues to ensure optimal indoor air quality and appearance.

When trying to get out biological matter such as pet stains or odors, it is important to understand a standard cleaning won't do the job. Piling on soap and shampoo will just push it further into the fibers, and the heat from the tools may even make the smell stronger or cause stains to set-in.

If the biological matter has gone beyond the surface of the carpet and into the pad and backing, you'll need a company that has a deep saturation and extraction process. We all know that once our pets find their "special spot," they love to go back and use it as their personal relief area again and again. It is spots like these that need special attention. If left untreated, these spots and odor might just go past the point of no return and turn into a stain. Once this happens, the only thing that can be done is complete carpet replacement.

Regardless of the severity, what you're not going to want to do is reach for chemical-based products like Spot Shot or Resolve. These will only mask the odor, bleach the carpet and cause discoloration, while also adding substances to your home that may be unsafe for pets and children. These products also may cause adverse reactions for people more prone to allergy sensitivities.

The same goes for all other surfaces in your home. You'll want a thorough cleaning of your furniture, area rugs, even the walls as oils and dirt are easily transferred from Fido to your home. Hiring professional cleaners with a service guarantee that use pet and kid friendly products will undoubtedly improve the appearance and air quality of your home.

Ultimately, pets increase the value of every family, but not always the value of every home. Let friends and see family see your pet for the lovable member of your family that they are- not as a carpet stain or unpleasant smell.

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