How to Keep Your Office Carpets Looking New

by zerorez

Office carpet gets a lot of traffic and doesn't always receive the gentle treatment people give their carpet at home. Keeping your office's carpet in top condition can feel like a full-time job, and you probably already have one of those. It's still important to keep the floors looking great for the sake of your employees and clients. Time is money, and you can save both by following these tips for office carpet cleaning.

Know Your Carpet

If you picked the carpet out yourself, you already know how many different types there are. Each requires special care, and the wrong cleaning method can damage the fibers. No amount of cleaning can undo frays and discoloration, so don't put undue stress on the carpet. Your staff or cleaning crew should know how to treat your office carpet correctly, too.

Time Is of the Essence

Once you learn the right ways to clean your specific carpet, use those methods early and often. Don't let spills or stains sit because they'll get more embedded in the carpet over time. Make sure spot cleaning occurs alongside the daily vacuuming, if not immediately.

Vacuum Every Day

Many building owners try to save time or money by only vacuuming weekly (or even less frequently). Failure to vacuum regularly allows dirt to get pushed down into the carpet, which ages the carpet and necessitates more frequent deep cleans. Carpets start to look bad in a hurry without regular care, and a last-minute vacuum before a client visit won't be enough to correct the problem.

Schedule Regular Deep Cleans

Even if you have a cleaning crew that vacuums daily, it's still crucial to get deep cleans on occasion. Vacuums can't get 100% of the dirt and grime, and your carpet will start to lose its luster every six months or so. This requires a professional carpet cleaning service with the right skills and equipment, and it's best to set a schedule and stick to it. The leading chemical-free cleaning companies, such as Zerorez®, can prolong the life of your carpet, which saves you money by delaying the need for a full replacement.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Austin

Choose Zerorez to get clean carpet without all the harmful chemicals and residues. Our commercial carpet cleaning service relies on patented Zr™ Water technology to eliminate dirt without harsh products, or soaps that just attract more dirt. Your carpet will last longer when it isn't loaded up with residues, which is why our clients don't have to redo their floors as frequently. Our process also yields faster dry times, which helps businesses avoid closing for office carpet cleaning. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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