How to Maintain Your Spring Clean

What Is Included in a Spring Clean Maintenance Routine? It's Easy!

You worked so hard to give your home a good spring clean - dusting, mopping, vacuuming in places you don't normally touch. Getting carpet stains out and eliminating its odors isn't easy but your Zerorez® cleaning helped you do the job. You organized your closets and drawers, and made a huge clothing donation. Sunshine is sparkling through streak-free windows and is landing on dust-free bookshelves and gleaming hardwood floors. Your home is spotless. Isn't it refreshing? It almost feels like cleaning away the cobwebs, dust bunnies, and clutter in your house, clearing up the clutter in your head too! But, now what?!

One morning, in a month or two, you're going to walk into your kitchen or living room and realize all that fantastic cleaning and organizing progress has been undone and it's all back the way it was before you cleaned it. What if you could keep your home spring clean fresh all year round? There are millions of tips that can help you stay ahead of the dirt build-up in your home. Here's a checklist that can help you maintain your spring clean:


Just a Little Extra Every Month

Can you add one extra cleaning chore every month? Pick one room or task you normally wait till it's spring cleaning time to tackle and tackle it. Your living room windows? Dust and fur that settles into hardwood cracks? Is there more junk on the kitchen counter than in the junk drawer? Just pick one of these chores to add to your monthly list and you'll find everything stays fresher and cleaner a little longer. And maybe you'll find yourself inspired to keep your home clean longer.

Start with the Carpet

Carpeting is the largest furnishing in your house. You walk on it, lay on it, exercise over it, it's where your pets spend most of their time and where the baby crawls. It is the fastest to get dirty, the fastest to look grimy, and the thing most likely to bring the overall look and feel of a room down if spots are allowed to turn into stains. And it's easier than you think to keep it as fresh as the day you deep cleaned it during your spring cleaning ritual.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains?

The trick to getting carpet stains out is to treat them as soon as they happen, especially pet stains. Be sure to blot those pet stains instead of rubbing them, to avoid damaging the fibers, and get to them right away to address long-term odor problems. Carpet cleaning pet stains and odor can be tricky. Over-the-counter products will work fine on synthetic carpets, but don't use them on luxury wool or silk rugs. Vacuum often to prevent dirt and grime from settling in.

And for the big daddy of carpet stains, red wine, you can try one of the cleaning carpet stains home remedies by immediately blotting first to get up all the excess wine. Then mix a tablespoon of hand dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of warm water, and blot the stain with a clean, white towel. Be careful not to pour liquid onto the stain. That extra liquid could spread the stain. Follow up by blotting the remaining stain with a clean, white towel, repeating until the stain disappears. If there's anything left, give us a call!

Tame the Dust

It seems like dust multiplies on its own. You wipe it away and it comes right back, and there's twice as much as when you started. It's endless! Did you know that wiping dusty surfaces down with a dryer sheet can keep the dust from coming back? What the dryer sheet manufacturers use to keep your clothes from clinging together can also keep dust from clinging to surfaces.

Be sure to vacuum carpets and furniture, and mop hard-surface floors (using the correct products for the surface). Once a month, get behind and under furniture to reach the places where dust, pet hair and other particles hide from plain sight. Then, wipe down everything else with a dryer sheet to tame the immediate dust.

Another angle of attack in the war on dust is to remember to change your furnace filter regularly, and wipe down the air intake and vents from time to time.

Other Areas Where a Little Goes a Long Way

Fresh Kitchen Air

Nothing can freshen a kitchen faster than making it smell fresh. Drop some citrus peels into the disposal and give it a spin for a quick burst of freshness. If after a whiff of freshness you feel inspired, a little vinegar and water through your coffee pot, a spritz of it on your cutting boards, and a wipe down of the microwave, and refrigerator shelves will brighten up the whole kitchen quickly.

There's a Right Time to Clean Windows

Even if you take a day during your spring cleaning to clean your windows, over time, the build-up that you took all the time to wipe away will return. If you use a fireplace, burn candles, do a lot of cooking, or even if you use aerosols for cleaning, disinfecting, or freshening the air-anything you put into the air-will find its way to your windows. If you wash your windows using a microfiber cloth on a cloudy day, the heat of the sun won't dry cleaning products on the glass before you've had a chance to wipe it off.

Uncluttered Bedroom, Uncluttered Mind

Most of the time you spend in your bedroom you're asleep. During the day, it's the place where clutter and dirty clothes can quickly pile up, turning it into a disorganized, frustrating, distracting mess-especially when you're in a hurry and can't find your favorite interview shirt and you're running late. Keeping closets and drawers neat and organized can feel like the least important chore of the day. But before you know it, there are piles of clothes, and then you can't find your favorite top.

If you take an extra 5 minutes every day to make sure the dirty clothes get in the laundry basket and what didn't get worn gets folded and put away or hung back up, you'll be amazed how much clearer you'll be able to think, and how much more restfully you'll sleep.

And if carpet odor is keeping you from having sweet dreams, try this carpet stains home remedy. Mix a cup of vinegar with two cups of warm water in a spray bottle and spritz your room to help neutralize the smell. Sprinkling baking soda on your carpet and vacuuming it up can help, too, as baking soda helps neutralize odors as well.

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These are just a few tips anyone can do anytime to keep your spring clean fresh throughout the year. With just a little extra effort, you'll find your home stays cleaner longer.

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