How To “Stick” To New Years Resolutions

And the countdown begins in… THREE… TWO… ONE…

Happy New Years!!!

Theres nothing more beautiful then the feeling of new beginnings! We all have fresh hope, dreams, goals, and desires for every new year. But of course most people in the world have a hard time sticking to those New Year's Resolutions!

Some of us may have even given up on making resolutions!

*cough cough*

We have such big plans and goals for our New Years, and like anything, life gets in the way. Things happen!

So what if this year, we make a New Year's Resolution, to keep striving to achieve our New Year's goals, in spite of the challenges?

Zerorez® has provided you with some steps you can take to help you "stick" to your goals for 2019, much like the residue will on your floors!

Chose Your Resolutions Wisely

Yoda tell us "Your resolutions choose wisely you should."

We like to think that another reason that New Year's Resolutions aren't completed, is because we are starting too big! As they say "Go Big or Go Home."

And so we chose to go home…

So this New Years, chose your resolutions wisely and realistically!

We have a nasty habit of making momentous resolutions for New Years, don't we? Don't get us wrong- it's great that we try to set the bar so high in order to push ourselves!

But at the same time, creating these large goals that are either unrealistic, difficult, or out of our control, causes us to not follow through on them.

Heres what we suggest:

Start Small

"I'm going to lose 60 pounds this year." Slow down there Sally!

Have your resolutions like this worked out in the past? Have you found that you seem to be making similar resolutions, every single year?

That's because you are shooting for the stars- and we're not astronauts! And unfortunately, until we become one, we won't reach those stars.

Start small with your goals for the new year, and simply work your way up to bigger ones.

Thus, we must start small, and realistic. Instead of saying you are going to lose 60 pounds this year, try a different approach?

Perhaps commit to smaller goals, such as cutting down from 4 soda pops per day, to just one a day. Then once that goal is completed in 2019, make it your goal to stop drinking soda altogether!

Then from there, you can continue upwards on the goal latter. Commit to more gym time, then commit to healthier eating, and so on so forth.

I mean for goodness sakes Sally, you're only human! Take it one step at a time, and your steps will continue to get bigger!

Chose Goals That You Can Control

Another fatal flaw of making New Years Resolutions is choosing goals that are not achievable, simply because they are not things you can control yourself.

Maybe this is making a New Years Resolution of making 50 thousand more in your yearly salary.

This you simply cannot control. If you are working for a company- they're the one who chose what you make per year right?!

And if you're a business owner with big dreams, perhaps this goal is achievable. But perhaps not? You cannot simply wave a wand and magically get 50 thousand more in revenue for 2019 right?

Instead of making these crazy goals, again, start small.

Adjust your resolution. Maybe make it your goal to ask your boss for raises at least 3 times this next year.

If you are business owner, make a plan, rather than a goal.

How are you going to increase your revenue this year? Are you going to create a marketing strategy, or hiring a marketing company? Or perhaps create a new line of products for 2019?

This leads us to our next tip!

Baby Goals Grow Into Adult Resolutions

So maybe your end goal is a bit too large, or slightly out of your control.

Perhaps make smaller, baby-sized resolutions, that will lead to your larger adult-sized resolution?

Nurture those little baby goals into the fine young adults they shall become!

By this we mean, create small steps as your resolutions, that will lead to completely a larger resolution.

So if your main resolution is to, oh I don't know.. save the planet…

That's one LARGE adult goal you've got there my friend. So create your little baby resolutions that will contribute to this one mountainous resolution!

With this idea, you would then make your New Years Resolution to try to recycle more. And another resolution could be joining a group that goes to local highways and parks to pick up litter.

Continue to be active with these goals throughout 2019, and once you've completed, or are actively contributing to your original New Years Resolutions?

Then you can continue to expand on more resolutions throughout the year that will contribute to saving the earth!

Following Through With Resolutions

Now that we've addressed the issues of too-big goals, we can begin the process of following through on them!

New Years Resolutions are typically followed through on within the first month of a new year. Then it simply drops off!

Why is this? Well, it could be for many reasons!

Life gets in the way- we become too busy with work, family, and life in general to find adequate time to work on our resolutions.

Sometimes big life changes happen- babies are on the way, a relative passed away, marriages are happening, health problems present themselves, etc..

Another big reason is that we just forget, or we become unmotivated.

Unfortunately, we, nor Yoda, can help you out with life problems.

But we can provide advice to keep you reminded and motivated.

Creating Resolution Reminders

As a cardinal rule, you should always write down your New Years Resolutions! Whether that be in your nifty notes app on your phone, or on a paper.

This way you have your goals recorded somewhere that you won't forget them and can reference them.

However, even when we have them written down- we still forget! We need constant visual reminders to follow through on our goals!

Here are a few ways you can ensure that you won't forget your follow-through:

  • Write your resolutions with dry-erase markers on your bathroom mirror.
  • Write your resolutions on a sticky note and tape it to your car's rear-view mirror.
  • Create calendar event reminders in your phone to notify you.
  • Find a clear silicone phone case. Create a note with your resolutions and place it between your case and the back of your phone.
  • Create a wallpaper for your phone screen saver with your resolutions on it!

Remind Yourself Of The Why

Creating these constant reminders will no doubt give us that push we need!

However, as humans, we naturally become a bit unmotivated and lazy after a while.

This happens especially if it's a resolution that requires multiple courses of action. I mean, who has time for multiple courses of action?

Perhaps your goal is oriented around weight loss, or a healthy lifestyle, and therefore requires consistent physical activity or meal-prepping.

Or if it's a resolution that requires constant commitment, like going to the beach to collect liter every week.

Naturally, these active resolutions can become tiring and we become less committed to them.

Therefore, it's vital that we also remind ourselves of the WHY. Why we chose to pursue this resolution in the first place! And why will it will benefits us in the end.

Have a Zerorezified® New Years!

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Have a Zerorezified New Years! Remember to not only stick to your resolutions, but also make them realistic!


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