How to Take Care of an Area Rug Properly

Area rugs create a warmer, more comfortable environment in your home for you and your guests. They offer a softer feel underfoot, and they can immediately add character to a room. Because area rugs are so important to the look and feel of your home, it is important to take care of them to extend their life.

Here are our professional tips for how to keep your area rug in the best shape possible.

Where to Begin

General care for an area rug is simple. Most professionals advise that you vacuum your area rug at least once a week. This will help prevent damage to the fibers including becoming matted down and help prevent your rug from becoming overloaded with dirt and debris.

Depending on the type of rug fiber, vacuuming may be difficult. Long, shag rugs are harder to vacuum because they run the risk of becoming tangled, and they also prevent dirt from being vacuumed up as easily.

Regardless of the type of area rug, we recommend trying to vacuum it in every direction to truly target the dust and dirt buildup.

Pet Spots

We all know that our furry friends can't be perfect, and every once in a while they have an accident on your rug. Experts at ​​Zerorez® recommend treating the spot as quickly as possible. Start by laying a towel down to soak up as much of the mess as you can so that it does not penetrate the rug backing. After that, call Zerorez®. Our expert technicians specialize in spot removal with a process that has a high success rate Cleaning agents sold at the store often contain chemicals that can bleach or discolor your rug and might even be so harsh that they will hurt the fibers as well. Zerorez® uses a gentle, yet effective pet spot treatment that eliminates odor and gives your area rug a second chance at looking clean.

Professional Cleaning Information

Professional cleanings are recommended around once a year. Area rugs accumulate lots of damage from foot traffic and lingering dust particles. No matter how often you vacuum, rugs get dirty and grime finds its way deeper into your rugs. One time per year, call on Zerorez® to help you extend the life of your rugs.

Zerorez® uses a patented process that allows us to keep from using harsh chemicals and soaps that flood your rug and leave a residue behind. Instead, we use water that has the same cleaning power as soap without any of the residue. For a longer lasting clean, look to Zerorez®.

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