How Toxic Chemicals Could Be Harming Your Bathroom Grout

Grout is quite literally the thing that holds your bathroom tile together. It's visible between the tiles, but people don't think about cleaning it as often as they clean the tiles themselves. Tile and grout cleaning should be considered as a pair if you want to make sure your bathroom looks its best. However, some chemicals that work well for tile don't work at all on grout. Still other toxic cleaning chemicals can be horrible for the grout (and anyone who comes into contact with the chemicals, too). As you search for your ideal tile and grout cleaning solutions, make sure you avoid certain dangerous substances at all costs.

Harsh Chemicals

It sounds obvious in the right context, but this is an unfortunately common mistake. Some people think using the harshest chemicals will help them get the most thorough clean. The truth is that harsh chemicals might make your grout look good in the short term, but the long-term effects are disastrous.

One element of chemicals that can make them especially harsh is high acidity. These chemicals can wear your grout out prematurely. This looks bad, and it can loosen your tile too. Colored chemicals cause problems as well since they can penetrate the grout and change its color over time.

Excessive Water

This may come as a surprise, since tile is perfect for bathrooms, primarily because of how it stands up to water. The grout, however, is not as impervious to water as the tile itself. Grout is porous, so using too much water can saturate it. If grout gets too soaked, it can start to lose its grip on the tiles. Water can soak in then get trapped under tiles. If water collects and sits, it can begin to form mold or mildew. The best way to prevent this problem is to avoid dangerous chemicals that need to be aggressively rinsed for health reasons.

Carpet Cleaning from Zerorez® Las Vegas

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