Improve Home Environment with our Green Carpet Cleaner

In our last blog we mentioned that here at Zerorez® we have a green carpet cleaner that is patented to be 100% safe, clean and natural. With this available in the area you live in in Las Vegas, we are sure your home can become as clean as you want it to be! Let's get into detail about our green carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaning services we have available to you.

Let's get real. When you have kids and dogs running around your home at all hours of the day, you will never really know what ends up on your couches, pillows and drapes. When you think about it, it can be kind of scary not knowing what you relax on after a long hard day of work put behind you. With our upholstery cleaning, we are certain that you will be able to relax and sink into your comfy couch with that warm, cozy blanket and take a little tiger snooze that is well deserved without thinking twice about what could be lurking in your upholstery. Our green solution is safe on all different kinds of upholstery, yet harsh enough to remove all of the stains from spilling your favorite glass of wine and dirt from the feet of your children and the paws of your pets. The great part about our green solutions is that they are safe for your entire family. There are zero harmful cleaning agents and our solution will be a safeguard from spills. Schedule your appointment and get your upholstery cleaned now!

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