Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Regular Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning las vegas nv

Springtime means allergy issues for some and Zerorez® is here to help with your duct cleaning in Las Vegas NV. The EPA has listed indoor air quality as one of the top five health concerns in the US. We like to think of ourselves as indoor air quality specialists. We clean your entire environment that you live in, all the way up to the air ducts.

The EPA recommends cleaning your air ducts every 5-7 years. At Zerorez we use a negative air system that creates a vacuum. We go and take off each vent and we run a brush down each side that knocks the dust free. Our negative air system sucks up that debris and stops it from landing anywhere else in your house.

Create a safer and healthier environment for you and your family by getting your duct cleaning in Las Vegas NV done by Zerorez today! Call us at 702-567-0016 for information about specials and other services we offer.

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