Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park is a destination for most people seeking fun while visiting Irvine, California. Apart from a variety of places you can visit in this Irvine, CA, park, the beautiful scenery of the rolling foothills is breathtaking and is filled with wildlife. The shaded turf areas and the various trees support the leisure activities you so desire.

Irvine Regional Park

Are you on a tour mission to Irvine and you are looking for a leisure activity to make your visit memorable? Visit the Irvine Regional Park and enjoy a variety of activities. The park is popular to picnic lovers, cyclists and those that enjoy a nature walk. The waterfall, the, and the landscape of the park enhances the beauty of this popular park in Irvine region.

Irvine Regional Park sits on a 491-acre piece of land. The park has ample parking places enough for all the visitors touring it. There are tables and barbecue places enough for visitors to enjoy refreshments. The nearby restrooms improve on the convenience of the park as the visitors can enjoy a peaceful rest in this natural park.

Irvine Regional Park is ideal for those who love cycling or walking on well-maintained trails. The trails are all over the park and they help visitors gain access to the six playgrounds in the park. Horse riders are also catered for as there are trails set aside for them and they can also access the watering troughs.

Are you looking for a picnic destination that can host you and a number of your family and friends? Get a permit to have your team enjoy a group picnic area. You do not have to worry about how to carry bicycles and aqua cycles, as you can rent them at the park. It is advisable to visit the park’s website to get more information on charges and parking fee as they vary depending on days of the week or holidays.

Irvine Regional Park is the ideal park for families as both adults and children get something fun to do. Hot and cold food is available, and you can get to enjoy a meal or refreshment at the Lakeside Snack Bar. Picnic supplies are also available in the park, so you do not have to worry over how to transport all that you require.

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