Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It? Fredericksburg

Timmy has decided he doesn't want to eat his food or drink his juice.

So he throws his spaghetti and the noodles start sliding down the walls and bright red sauce is splattered all over the carpet.

Broccoli is thrown across the room and his juice tumbles, splashes, and the carpet immediately begins soaking it up.

What a mess!

You immediately start Googling, "How To Get Spaghetti Sauce Stain Out Of Carpet?"

This isn't your first rodeo with cleaning stains out of your carpet.

Remember a couple months back when Timmy insisted to wear his muddy rain boots 24/7? Yup. Mud caked on your carpet throughout your whole house.

Or last summer when Timmy left, not one, but 5 popsicles to melt on the carpet-covering the space with red, blue, purple, orange and green sugary liquid.

Or that one time that Timmy insisted on creating a card for you but more marker ended up on the carpet than on the card?

Each and every time these incidents have occurred, you have Googled the remedy to cleaning up your messy carpet.

Each and every time, you have followed the steps on Google perfectly. Yet, there are still stains scattered throughout your home.

Bless Google's soul, but they aren't professionals.

So what do you do when you have stains all over your carpet and after a few scrubs they are still there.

Some may say just to let the stains be.

Others may say to get a professional carpet cleaning.

But is a professional carpet cleaning even worth it?

Won't the company just pour some really smelly chemicals onto your carpet, let them sit there for a bit and then be on their way?

Or won't they force you into adding in every additional service they offer and next thing you know, your bill is almost as much as your house payment.

Those can be common misconceptions about professional carpet cleaning, but they aren't necessarily all true.

A professional carpet cleaning at least once a year is a great way to keep your carpets in shape and is most definitely, absolutely worth it.

Professionals Know Their Facts

One of the biggest reasons that professional carpet cleanings are worth it is because they are actual professionals who are cleaning your carpets.

At Zerorez® Fredericksburg, our technicians have to pass a 15 page exam.

They are well versed in everything Zerorez Fredericksburg and carpet cleaning before they go out on the job.

They know the best ways to treat specific stains. They know how to treat a pet odor stain versus a mud stain.

They also have the correct tools. Our technicians are equipped with Zr™ Water, the zr wand™, and the zr lifter™.

Do you have a zr lifter™ sitting in your garage that you can pull out every time a new stain appears? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Their tools get the job done right the first time. Google isn't needed anymore once you have Zerorez Fredericksburg to take care of your stains and messes.

Professional Cleaning Saves You Time

When you get a professional carpet cleaning, you save time.

Five Google searches, a text to your mom, and a trip to the store later, you still have to actually clean the carpet.

After you've scrubbed and scrubbed. And then scrubbed and scrubbed. The stains are still there!

So much for trying to fix the issue quickly and cheaply.

With a Zerorez Fredericksburg carpet cleaning, you save time.

No more spending hours trying to find a solution to that annoying popsicle stain from last summer that haunts you every morning, afternoon, and night when you walk past it.

The Zerorez Fredericksburg technician will call you in advance and let you know they are on their way.

Then, they will complete their job, quickly and efficiently.

While they are cleaning, you can read a book, watch a part of a show, or scrub the crayon marks from the wall when Timmy thought he was Da Vinci last week.

With a professional carpet cleaning from Zerorez Fredericksburg , you don't have to spend time trying to get the stain out. We will come, clean your carpets, and then the stain will be gone for good!

Stay Healthy With a Professional Carpet Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons that make professional carpet cleaning worth it is the health benefits that you get from it.

Carpets can get real gross. Really really gross.

No matter how much you vacuum, there will still be hair, dirt, dry skin, crumbs, and everything else that carpets collect.

By having your carpet cleaned by a professional, you will be able to get those grimey little things pulled out of your carpet that a regular vacuum isn't able to get out.

Simply put, you just can't clean your carpet like a professional does.

We use our zr lifter™. This machine pulls out all of the dirty residue that has been buried deep in the fibers of your carpet.

It brings it all to the surface and then it is sucked away. No more hidden debris buried at the bottom of your carpet. The dust and dander will be gone and so will your sneezing and stuffy nose.

At Zerorez Fredericksburg, we don't use any harsh chemicals or soaps that will linger in your carpets.

This means your carpet will be clean and won't have loads of chemicals running through it. This will keep you and little Timmy happy and healthy.

Professional carpet cleaning is a must do. You keep chasing Timmy around while the professionals take care of spills and stains that he creates.

Don't Just Trust Any Carpet Company

When choosing a carpet company, be sure to choose a company that will provide you with excellent service and an excellent price!

Zerorez Fredericksburg does both of those things.

We make sure that we do the job right the first time. You can count on us with your carpet cleaning needs.

No more searching Google for carpet cleaning tricks.

Next time, just Google, Zerorez Fredericksburg.

We'll be sure to get the job done and leave you with a cleaner home and more time to enjoy little Timmy.


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