July is National Carpet Cleaning Month!

With COVID-19 restrictions finally beginning to relax, you may have let your cleaning and sterilization practices go to the wayside a little bit. No worries! There's never a bad time to get your home, office, or business clean and in order. And with July being National Carpet Cleaning month, now is the time to get your carpets thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned.

At Zerorez®, we understand the importance of cleaning your carpets rigorously, yet safely. Here are some of the most important reasons to have your carpet cleaned:

  • Health. It's no secret that carpet fibers are like a sponge for germs, mold, dirt, and pet hair. Though vacuuming can get some of this out, these elements are going to stay in your carpet until you get it cleaned. This can potentially cause allergies, and even long term breathing issues, for you if you don't get it cleaned. Cleaning your carpet is also good for the general cleanliness of your entire space, as long term issues with mold and bacteria can lead to other problems throughout a home.
  • Lifespan. The less you clean your carpet, the shorter of a lifespan your carpets are likely to have. Especially in areas with high foot traffic, your carpets are likely taking quite a beating! While small spills can be spot cleaned, bigger stains will be harder to clean, and will likely leave residue on your carpet, further decreasing the longevity of your carpet. The good news? Zerorez can clean your carpets with our patented Zr™ Water solution, leaving No Residue®, but cleaner and softer carpet and upholstery.
  • Aesthetic. This might seem obvious, but cleaning your carpets will make your carpet look much better. Not only will they appear brighter, fresher, and more like new, but they will also feel softer and fluffier, like newly installed carpet. Having a visually appealing carpet will be more inviting to guests, and leave you with peace of mind knowing that your carpets are fully sanitized.

Zerorez is committed to giving you professionally cleaned carpets like you've never seen before. Using our patented technology and our Zr™ Water, we can clean your carpets without harsh chemicals and solutions, all while getting more dirt, germs, and bacteria out than other leading carpet cleaners. Take control of your carpets today with Zerorez! Visit our website to learn more or give us a call at 386-222-0260.






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