Keep your Carpets Clean During the Summer

Summer is one of the busiest months in anyone's home. With all of the summer BBQs, get togethers and activities that leave you and friends coming and going inside of your home, the carpets and floors are bound to take a beating. Not only that, but depending on the weather, allergens, heat and humidity, it can add up to take a role on your flooring and how well your carpets do throughout the hot, summery season. Because we want your carpet's longevity to withhold, here are some summer carpet cleaning care tips you should definitely take advantage of.

Make sure to vacuum on a daily or bi-weekly basis. Vacuuming regularly is one of the easiest ways to make sure your carpets last. You don't need to be vacuuming every single room in your home, but take the time to clean up the high traffic areas with your vacuum, especially if you have pets roaming throughout your house.

Use rugs and mats at the entrance of each outside doorway. No matter if you request that your guests and family members take off their shoes once they enter your home, using mats and rugs will benefit you substantially. There will be times where your guests won't feel comfortable taking off their shoes, and you will need to run into the house without thinking twice about your shoes. Keep your home cleaner with high quality mats to wipe off dirt, debris and moisture to keep your carpets in great condition.

Don't worry, we're not quite finished yet. Stay tuned for the final summer carpet care tips from your leading Las Vegas carpet cleaning company.

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