Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning- Facts you should know about your Carpet Part 1

Are you thinking about getting your carpet cleaned but can't think of real reasons why you should indulge in getting them cleaned? At Zerorez® Las Vegas we know some dirty little secrets about Las Vegas carpet cleaning you may or may not want to be exposed to. Carpet is a dirty, dirty object that may seem comfy to cozy up on, but it can hold things that are not only dirty, but deadly. Because we are a fun company and want you to know some crazy facts you may have no known about carpet before now… here are some to persuade you to get your carpets cleaned regularly here in Las Vegas:

  • The virus that causes the stomach flu can live and survive up to a full month or more on an uncleaned carpet, YUCK!

  • Did you know that a vacuum has been discovered to be one of the places in a home where the highest amount of germs are found?

  • Every time a year passes, you can expect to have several pounds of dirt and soil accumulate underneath your uncleaned carpet.

  • To all the food droppers out there - the five second rule is a complete myth! Bacteria is strong and can live on carpet for over four weeks at a time which means that the five second rule should never be used… sorry kids!

Want to learn more crazy facts about carpets? Make sure you follow up on our next blog and hurry back soon to learn more reasons why green carpet cleaning is a great choice to keep your home cleaner.

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