Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning- Facts you should know about your Carpet Part 2- Get Green Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to our follow up blog on dirty, dirty facts about carpets and why they are so gross! Here are facts continued:

  • Bed Bugs can be found in carpet fibers and even wooden floorboards. Because they are super fast and super small that can travel far to feast on people or animals when they are hungry.

  • Here's a gross oneā€¦one single person sheds about 1,500,000 (yes thats 1.5 million) skin flakes an hour! Yes, dead skin is embedded in all of our carpets!

  • Naphthalene is found in most carpet cleaners but NOT OURS! This chemical is known to causes some pretty terrible side effects such as vomiting, urinary irritation, headaches, and nausea.

Ok, I think we will pause there for now with the carpet facts. If this hasn't driven you to want to get your carpets cleaned, I'm not sure what will. Carpet cleaning can be beneficial to your health and your childrens health especially if they are crawling around on the floor. To learn more about our company, Zerorez® Las Vegas and to receive a green carpet cleaning treatment visit us online today. Our green carpet cleaning is made out of all natural ingredients and is mostly water. With using this green treatment in your home we know you will be happier and healthier. Remember to clean your carpets regularly to keep up with killing off germs and scary insects that could be found lurking around in your home!

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