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best carpet cleaning henderson nvAt Zerorez®, we offer the best carpet cleaning and when you choose us to handle your home's carpet cleaning, you can be sure that you'll get professional results and a carpet you can be proud of. But choosing the right carpet cleaning company comes after choosing the right carpeting; and to choose the right carpeting for your home, or your business, you should know a little something about it.

◆ The Part You See

The part of the carpeting you see and walk on is made up of fibers that are either synthetic or natural. Wool is one of the most popular types of natural carpeting fibers for a number of reasons that include its durability, its ability to hold dyes well and the fact that it's fairly easy to clean. Wool is a staple yarn, which means it's made up of small strips spun together, so that means it tends to get fuzzy and pill. Because it's a natural fiber, it isn't hypoallergenic and can make you sneeze. Synthetic fibers used in carpet-making are acrylic, nylon, olefin/polypropylene and polyester. Nylon is the most popular fiber in the world of wall-to-wall carpeting because it is stain-resistant and durable. Acrylic and polyester are, like wool, staple yarns that can pill; but unlike wool, they are more stain-resistant and they're hypoallergenic. Olefin/polypropylene is usually used for indoor/outdoor carpeting.

◆ The Part You Don't See

Carpeting is tufted, which means carpet fibers are punched through a primary backing material to which a secondary backing material is applied to keep the fibers in place. The backing is typically made of jute or polyester. For woven carpets, the fibers are woven into the primary backing so they don't require a secondary backing. Carpet padding is a supporting pad that is usually placed under wall-to-wall carpeting. The most common form of padding is urethane foam, which comes in a number of densities. When shopping for padding, squeeze a sample of it to see if it holds its shape. Other types of padding are rebond, which are pieces of recycled urethane foam bonded together, and felt padding, which is made from animal hair or jute.

◆ The Most Popular Styles

The most popular styles of carpeting for the home are cut-pile and berber. Cut-pile carpeting is created by cutting the tops off of carpet loops to create two, separate yarn tufts. Cut-pile styles include plush, saxony and velvet. Velvet is the most expensive of the three and is extremely thick and cushiony. Saxony carpets have fibers that are twisted, which can result in fraying. Plush carpets are the most popular cut-pile style and are usually shorter than velvet and not quite as soft. Berber carpeting is made from rows of fabric loops that are extremely durable. Though the fibers themselves are tough, berber carpeting doesn't rebound well from foot traffic and is easily crushed.

No matter what type of carpeting you select, make sure to get the best carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV to keep it looking good. At Zerorez, our trained professionals know how to handle many different kinds of carpeting and our patented carpet cleaning technology will give your carpeting the look and feel you want. Call us at (702) 567-0016 to schedule the best carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV and visit us online at www.zerorezlasvegas.com to find out more about our company and our cleaning methods.

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