How to Easily Clean Leather Couches and Other Upholstery

Choosing a material for a couch is not always the first thing we think of when purchasing new furniture. When furniture shopping, we usually shop for aesthetic purposes. Practicality can be an afterthought, which means that you may find yourself with a couch that seems nearly impossible to keep clean or deep clean. Luckily, professional carpet cleaning companies like Zerorez® are trained to keep your furniture looking as beautiful as the day you laid your eyes on it. To give you an idea of how Zerorez can keep your furniture clean, we have prepared a guide of upholstery cleaning services to refer to.

Leather Couch Cleaning

Leather upholstery is incredibly popular because of its durability. It is certainly an investment, but its quality is almost unparalleled. The common problem with leather cleaning is that leather is not meant to get wet. Over time, the oils in our skin, dead or dry skin, and other particles find their way onto the couch, and leather's nature makes it a difficult material to clean.

When leather gets wet, it can draw out oil that has been deposited from our skin, or it can create brittle and dry weak spots in the leather. The result is something that looks stained and cracked. Instead of using water, Zerorez uses a special treatment to avoid getting the leather wet. Our technicians are trained to clean leather completely by hand to ensure that each crack and crevice is thoroughly cleaned. This two-step process consists of a leather cleaning solution to lift the grime and buildup that has accumulated, followed by a conditioning treatment. The conditioning treatment restores the healthy shine back to your leather, making your couches look like new.

Other Upholstery Cleaning Services

Nylon, polyester, microfiber, and other materials that are water-safe all fall under the category of upholstery that Zerorez will clean. Getting your upholstery cleaned regularly not only improves the look of it, but it also can resolve certain health problems like allergies. Dust and other small particles find their way into the fibers of your upholstery and are able to deeply embed themselves, so the next time you feel that your allergies are acting up, consider booking a professional cleaning service with Zerorez.

Our GREEN cleaning technology is safe for your kids, pets, and the environment. We use our Zr Process® to safely, yet effectively lift those hard-to-reach particles, as well as lift spots that have resulted from spills on your furniture.

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