Los Angeles & Orange County Carpet Cleaning | Zerorez® Youtube Highlights

Zerorez SoCal is on the case when it comes to Los Angeles and Orange County carpet cleaning. Check out the videos below to see a family get the Royal Treatment, our time helping the OC German Shepherd rescue, a visit with an LA Kings legend, and more! Visit www.zerorezsocal.com to make an appointment, read testimonials and more.

Join www.zerorezsocal.com on a visit to help Orange County German Shepherd rescue to take care of some pet stains!

Join www.zerorezsocal.com on a visit to the winning participant in the LA Kings Royal treatment at the Drake's home!

We have been shooting video of various subjects, and we would like to share them with you. Some are amazing, and some are just fun. Click below to see what we have been up to:

Have you ever heard of the 5 second rule? Ruby is one of the cutest little girls we have ever seen, and she thinks the 5 second rule absolutely applies to gummy bears!

This one is disgusting! Watch Larry extract a gallon or two of pet urine from below the carpet surface. Poor quality, but watch for the telltale "flash of yellow."

Luc and Stacia Robataille (of the LA Kings and Ice Hockey Hall of Fame) invited us in to their home to clean things up. Stacia give Zerorez Socal a great big "WOW!"

Everyone loves their hardwood, but almost no one knows how to maintain it - watch Gabriel describe some of the tricks of the trade.

Technician Eduardo cleaned at the home of one of the LA Kings Ice Crew, and other team mates cheered Zerorez Socal on as well. Lucky, Eduardo!

We will continue to add to these videos, check back to see what is new at ZerorezSoCal on our YouTube channel!


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