Marymoor Park Redmond WA

In Redmond, Washington, Marymoor Park has been labeled as the "largest, oldest, and most popular park" in King County. For years it has been a place for gathering and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. There is much more to do here at Marymoor Park than you may think.

Like most beautiful outdoor parks, Marymoor Park has a big long trail that many in the community like to walk. The full route is 6.4 miles long. It is dog friendly, kids friendly, and you will likely come across a variety of birds during your visit.

One fun and unique feature of Marymoor Park is the rock climbing wall. Taller than the UW Climbing Rock in Seattle, this artificial rock has many sports clips for support and even a notable bouldering spot. This wall is a great place for climbers to come and train for real outdoor rock climbing and bouldering.

Another fun feature of Marymoor Park is the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome. >A velodrome is a paved cycling track with steeply banked sides made for cycling races. This outdoor paved cycling track in Marymoor Park has been a hit attraction for cyclists since 1974. This track has hosted many races for the Marymoor Velodrome Association and even national championships.

Outdoor Movies and Concerts

Each summer, Marymoor Park hosts a concert series that is fittingly called Concerts at Marymoor. Past artists featured in this concert series include the Barenaked Ladies, Khalid, Beck, Ween, Kaelo, tribute bands, Jason Mraz, John Mellencamp, and more. Both drive-in movies and walk-in movies are featured at Marymoor park each summer. In addition to allowing outside food and beverage, attendees have the option of buying treats and food from food trucks during these events. Marymoor Park movie nights are rarely canceled, so come rain or shine and save your seat for a fun night out at the movies!

A fascinating event held at Marymoor Park is Cirque Du Soleil. This circus features performers doing jaw-dropping acrobatics, dancing on skates, stunts on bikes, daring routines on unicycles, double dutch rope skipping, and more. No matter what captivating routine catches your eye, it's safe to say you shouldn't try these things at home. If you are looking for something fun to do on a date, with the family, or for a friend's night out, Cirque Du Soleil at Marymoor Park should be high on your list. Each of the performers at Cirque Du Soleil has an enticing talent that will keep you remembering their act for a very long time.

Other Activities

Chomp! is a summer camp held each year at Marymoor Park. This camp promotes local food and sustainable adventure. Attendees learn from cooking demos, educational activities, farm tours, performances, and more.

Marymoor Park is also a place for the town to gather and give input on upcoming community projects. Open houses have been held to show the town project plans, followed by workshops that provide community members the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts. While in Redmond, Washington, you should also visit Lake Sammamish State Park.

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