Mold and Mildew Removal: How Zerorez® Can Help

Mold and Mildew Removal: How Zerorez Can Help

It's well known that Zerorez SoCal can do amazing things for your carpet or any other flooring. No matter how bad the stains or build up may be, our alkaline water cleaning solution can take on the job and keep your home or office looking and feeling clean. But did you know that our cleaning technology can be used for mold and mildew removal?

Mold and mildew aren't just an eyesore. In fact, they can have a very adverse effect on the health and happiness of everyone within your home or office. That's why mold and mildew removal is a very important aspect of what Zerorez SoCal can do. From Ventura all the way to Riverside, we help people keep the places they spend the most time in clean and healthy.

mold and mildew removal on shower tile

One amazing thing about our high pH alkaline cleaning solution is the byproduct we create when we mix the water molocules up by running them through our solution generator. We end up with very, very low pH "acid" water, which smells a lot like bleach! And even more amazing, this "acid" water kills mold, mildew, e-coli, Listeria, and all kinds of bad bugs without the use of dangerous or toxic chemicals. There are lots of clients who have mold or mildew they want taken care of without worrying about chemicals that can harm kids, pets, and even folks with respiratory problems or chemical sensitivities. It is amazing to watch… we pour in the water solution, and the black mold just dissolves! Then we suction out the acid water and mold (it is, after all, just modified water) and things are as good as new. GREAT technology, we eliminate a problem and concern without wondering if the chemicals will "get you." Pretty amazing, I think!


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