More Entrepreneurs Looking to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business Turning to Franchising

SALT LAKE CITY-- Entrepreneurs who have thought about how to start a carpet cleaning business have learned that franchising is the best option. Instead of being on their own to face the difficulties and hurdles that come with starting a new business, those who choose to purchase a carpet cleaning franchise are backed by the credibility of a national brand, training and support systems to help them navigate the complexities of small business ownership and marketing support that places franchise owners a step ahead of the competition.

Zerorez®, one of the top carpet cleaning franchise options in the industry, has developed a new way to clean carpets. Their patent-pending cleaning system is completely green and does not rely on the use of harsh or aggressive chemicals to clean. Instead, their revolutionary cleaning technology uses what they call Zr™ Water which takes regular tap water and runs it through a softener to remove heavy metals. Following that, the water is run through a special generator to electrolyze and oxidize the water in order to produce a powerful cleaning solution- minus the harsh chemicals and toxins.

"The carpet cleaning industry has been cleaning carpets the same ineffective way for decades," said Richard Arnold, Chief Operation Officer at Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. "They add some type of detergent to water, then try to pull the dirt out. However, if you don't pull out all the detergent, it sits there and allows more dirt to gather and build up on the carpet. Zerorez developed our Zr™ Water to act LIKE a detergent without any harsh or toxic chemicals, and truly clean the carpet with no soil-attracting residue left behind. Cleaning this way makes spots much less likely to re-appear, reduces dry time and makes it safer for your home or office."

Zerorez has experienced a significant amount of growth over the past year adding several new territory owners to their franchise family. More individuals are being drawn to their franchising system than carpet cleaning businesses for sale through mom and pop operations.

The concept was developed in 2001 when founders set out to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry by using their patent-pending cleaning system. Zerorez has been awarded a Platinum Rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) in recognition of their cleaning efficacy.

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