More Than A Carpet Cleaner: 4 Signs Your Furniture Needs Cleaning

At Zerorez®, we know that hiring a great carpet cleaner can make all the difference when it comes to having a home that looks and smells good. We also know that it takes more than just clean carpets to sanitize a home - it takes clean furniture as well. Even if you vacuum and dust regularly, have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year and spray air and fabric refreshers, soil and bacteria lurking in your sofas and chairs can keep your home from being as fresh as you'd like it to be. Here are 4 signs that it's time to have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned:

1 - Your Furniture Is Stained

While it may seem obvious that stains mean your furniture needs cleaning, it can be very easy to ignore stains that aren't cleaned up immediately to the point that you don't really see them anymore. In fact, stains are almost impossible to avoid, especially if you have children or pets, and they can often be difficult to clean even when you see them happen. For large stains, you may try DIY stain removal but that can make stains worse rather than better.

2 - Your Furniture Smells Bad

Bacteria and other germs living in your furniture can generate smells that pervade your entire home. Even without obvious staining, upholstered furniture accumulates smell-producing bacteria over time that fabric deodorizers can't cover up. In fact, only a professional upholstery and carpet cleaner in Las Vegas, NV can eliminate smells.

3 - Your Furniture Is Matted With Hair

Dogs and cats are wonderful companions but when they have full-time access to your furniture, they can create big problems. Even with regular vacuuming, it is extremely difficult to remove pet fur from upholstery. Lint rollers and brushes coupled with vacuuming can help a little more but generally, you will always have fur, dander and soil on your furniture when you have indoor pets.

4 - Your Furniture Is Making You Sneeze

If you notice that you or your family members are sneezing or getting watery, itchy eyes every time you or they sit on a couch or chair, there's a good chance that there are accumulated allergens inside the upholstery. Pet dander, bacteria from embedded food and other sources can cause serious allergic reactions that mean it's time to have your furniture cleaned by upholstery experts.

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