Morey Wildlife Reserve

When walking along the quiet, sun-dappled walkways at the Morey Wildlife Reserve in Loveland, CO, it is hard to imagine that it was once a bustling gravel mine. Located at Mariana Butte on Cedar Valley Drive, this natural area of beauty spans over 33 acres of restored wetlands along the west Big Thompson River in Loveland, CO.

About Morey Wildlife Reserve

Both visitors and residents fully recognize and appreciate the reserve's steadfast devotion to the preservation of natural studies and wildlife viewing in such a convenient spot of authentic beauty. The Morey Wildlife Reserve is popular for birdwatching, hiking, and photography. As this Loveland, CO locale is dedicated to the protection of native flora and fauna species, no dogs or bicycles are permitted to use the 0.7-mile naturally-surfaced pedestrian trail; jogging, mountain biking, and fishing are also not permitted.

Dedicated volunteers maintain the trail pathways by regularly clearing away the vegetation and leveling the walkway surface. They also plant and transplant hundreds of riparian grasses (river and stream-loving grasses), shrubs, and trees. Plentiful willows and cottonwoods make an impressive showing in spring and summer.

The Morey Wildlife Reserve opened in Loveland, CO back in May of 2008, and was developed by conducting restoration and reclamation activities. The soft-surface natural trail pathway brings visitors to the north end of the old Morey Pond and back again. The entire area also provides an excellent opportunity for passive recreational activities, such as nature study and environmental learning pursuits. From sunrise to sunset, the wildlife reserve site is open for all walk-in access.

The entrance and parking lot for the Morey Wildlife Reserve can be found on Cedar Valley Drive in Loveland, CO. Visitors can also find other conveniences near the entry, such as restrooms, trash cans, benches, and bike racks. A comprehensive, easy-to-use site map is available there as well so that all visitors can orientate themselves before setting out; it lists the rules and regulations for folks utilizing the Morey Wildlife Reserve, as well as the route the natural-surface trail takes around the reserve.

A Fun Place to Be Outdoors

Following the closure of the gravel pit, the Morey family themselves carefully and lovingly restored the entire area to its current natural state. The main reason for the creation of the reserve was to serve as a center for natural studies and environmental education.

The restrooms, conveniently situated at the entrance to the Morey Wildlife Reserve, also serve the Mariana Butte Golf Course in Loveland, CO, which is just east of the nature reserve. All activities in and around the reserve are conducive to keeping the animals, birds, and vegetation within its perimeter safe and prolific.

Many folks who visit the Morey Wildlife Reserve in Loveland, CO are avid bird watchers; these fans of the reserve's feathered friends flock to Morey to observe the significant number of both common and rare birds that congregate here-a designated "birding hotspot." With a bit of patience, a sharp-eyed spotter might catch a glimpse of an American Kestrel, an Eastern Bluebird, or even a Bald Eagle.

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