Moving? Here's Your Cleaning Checklist

Moving just adds more tasks to the seemingly endless to-do list. Between finding the perfect new home, transferring your services to your new residence (internet, cable, electric, etc.) and tying up all loose ends at your current place, sometimes seemingly small tasks can get forgotten about. Don't let cleaning be one of those things that slips through the cracks of chaos.

Cleaning your place before you move out may seem tiresome, but it needs to be done. Make the process easy and stress free with this simple checklist!


Scrub soap scum from all surfaces

Bleach hard to reach places

Wash all drawers and cabinets

Shine the mirror

Wipe down toilets, showers, and floors

Vacuum exhaust fan opening


Clean out all cabinets and drawers

Disinfect all surface areas

Shine and polish sink and faucet

Scrub refrigerator inside and out

Move and vacuum behind all large appliances

Wipe out dishwasher


Fix problem areas (putty holes, touch up paint chips, etc)

Dust all areas (fans, ceiling fixtures, light sockets, etc)

Clean windows inside and out

Wipe down all doors, handles, light switches, and outlets

Clean carpet, either with a vacuum or a professional cleaner
While cleaning your old place may be the least exciting part about moving, it is a necessity. Think about the new people moving in - don't you want your new home to be clean and well cared for when you arrive? If cleaning still seems like too much of a headache, or you are simply too pushed for time, consider hiring a professional like Zerorez® to do the job for you. A professional will be able to get your home in the pristine condition that it deserves all while allowing you the time and energy to focus on the big move ahead. Ease the stress of your upcoming move by getting started with your cleaning today!


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