Moving In?

One of the most stressful parts about moving is cleaning out your last homeowners' germs. You want to start your new life with a clean slate, but you don't want to spend all of your moving day scrubbing toilets or smelling the remnants of the previous homeowner or tenants. Here are some ways to give your new home the best clean before you even start unpacking boxes!

Carpet Cleaning Near Me

When moving into a home that has had people living in it previously, getting the carpets cleaned is non-negotiable. It's a great way to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and grime that has been building up from previous tenants or homeowners. Not to mention, it can help get rid of any nasty smells that might be lingering from the previous residents! Zerorez® carpet cleaning is different from every other carpet cleaning method out there! Our process cleans without the use of harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents, which means there will be absolutely No Residue® lingering after our technicians leave!

Pet Odor Treatment

There is a possibility the previous homeowner had pets that have left some unpleasant smells and stains behind. This is especially common if the home has been vacant for a while. Regardless of when the stains and smells were made, they need to be removed before you start unpacking boxes and making this house your home! At Zerorez, we use a unique process that not only cleans the carpets but also treats them with a customized pet odor treatment. Our specialized treatments deal with the biological matter at the ROOT of the issue, instead of simply trying to mask them! This will get rid of any lingering pet odors, so you can start fresh in your new home!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Once your carpets have been cleaned, it is time to tackle your tile and grout! Over time, dirt and grime can build up in your tile and grout lines, making them look dark and dirty. Not to mention, it can be back-breaking to clean tile grout on your own! Zerorez can clean your tile and grout quickly and easily with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our unique cleaning process uses Zr™ Water (also known as electrolyzed water), which is a chemical-free way to clean your tile and grout. This process will not only make your tile and grout look brand new, but it will also help protect them from future dirt and grime build-up! Trust us, when you move into your new home, your tiles need it!

Upholstery Cleaning

Moving furniture is no easy feat, so the last thing you want to do is try and clean it too! But, just like your carpets and tile, upholstery can hold onto dirt, dust, and grime from the previous homeowners. Not to mention, it can be pretty hard to clean on your own! Let Zerorez take care of it for you! We will come into your new home and clean all of your upholstered furniture, including couches, chairs, loveseats, and more! Our gentle yet effective upholstery cleaning process will leave your furniture looking and smelling fresh and new!

Your Home is Special

Hiring professional cleaners is always a good idea when moving into a new home, especially if the previous occupants were not particularly clean themselves. This will ensure that your new home is as clean as possible before you start unpacking and settling in. No matter what type of home you are moving into, Zerorez can help make the transition a smooth and easy one! We offer a variety of cleaning services that are specifically designed to get your new home move-in ready. Check out our services of schedule with Zerorez Bay Area today!


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