Not Just Experts In Carpet Cleaning: Why You Should Choose Carpets For Your Renovation

At Zerorez®, we are experts in carpet cleaning and that means we're also experts in carpeting. We know that no matter what kind of carpeting you have, it will lend a warmth and beauty to your home that other types of flooring can't match. That's why we recommend that you choose carpeting when you decide to renovate your home, either to sell or to live in. Here are the reasons we think carpeting is the best choice:

  • Carpeting Is Less Expensive Than Other Types Of Flooring. When you renovate or remodel your home, your budget will have to cover a lot of things, some of them cosmetic and some of them structural - but all of them expensive. When you choose carpeting rather than wood, laminate or tile flooring, you can save money while still giving your home an upgraded look.
  • Keeping Carpeting Clean Is Easy. Many types of wood, laminate and tile floors require specialized treatment and cleaning products. Carpeting simply requires regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris and once- or twice-yearly professional carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, depending on the amount of traffic your carpet gets.
  • Carpeting Options Are Almost Endless. If you've ever visited the carpet department at your local big box hardware store, you know that carpeting comes in an almost-dizzying variety of colors, materials and designs to match any decor or style. The same can't be said of wood, laminate and tile.
  • Carpeting Is Environmentally-Friendly. You may not know it but there are a number of major manufacturers who make carpeting that is made from sustainable materials and that contains low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are hazardous to human and animal health and are bad for the environment.
  • Carpeting Is Warm And Comfortable. There's no better feeling that getting out of bed and stepping on a fluffy, warm carpet, especially in the middle of winter. Carpeting can provide a soft, safe environment if you have small children and it can make your whole house feel cozier.
  • Carpeting Improves Indoor Air Quality. Allergens and germs float through your home on a daily basis. When they land on your carpeting, they stay trapped in the fibers until you vacuum them up. When you have solid flooring like laminate or tile, germs and allergens are continuously being stirred up every time someone walks across the floor.

If you're ready to start your home renovation project, head to your favorite carpet retailer to choose from a wide variety of piles, styles and colors to make your home beautiful and inviting. Once your carpeting is installed, call us at Zerorez for once- or twice-yearly deep carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV at (702) 567-0016. You can also visit us online at to find out more about us and our services.

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