Orange County Bloggers Dish on the Zerorez® Experience and Detoxing their Homes!

Earlier this year Zerorez Socal partnered with the Bookieboo Network in a blogger challenge that brought in over 70 blogs based on the experience of having their homes Zerorez'd! Bloggers in Southern California had the opportunity to get a fresh start. Here are some blogger highlights from this wonderful campaign:

Addicted2Savings4u states: "Since we tend to detox our bodies with water why shouldn't we do the same with our homes. We're in our homes more than any other place and it needs to become top priority to detox. Zerorez has listed 10 ways to detox your home on their site here and I'm loving every single one of them. We had our floors cleaned by Zerorez recently and I can't believe all the filth is gone. It was the first step to detoxing our home and now we're starting with a fresh canvas. The floors are so clean my daughter can now crawl on them without touching anything gross."

She was so excited she tweeted a before and after of her wood floors here:

1619557_599852756756454_1212711064_n was surprised at our ability to clean her outside area rug. "They cleaned a very old throw rug that we have had for years and used in the patio. I didn't think there was any hope for it, but obviously I didn't know Zerorez. I'll let the pictures do the talking."


OC Mom Blog had this to say: "I don't use a housekeeping service because I refuse to use cleaners that contain chemicals in my household. Since all of the food that goes into my kids body is pure and organic, why would I want the environment that they live in to be surrounded by chemicals?I make all of our household cleaners, and I was hesitant about having a professional carpet cleaner come into my home, until learning about ZeroRez. They claimed to clean my carpets without the use of any chemicals - just steam and their patented high pH alkaline water (ZR WATER) - too good to be true? That's what I thought too." Just view the before and after of the stairs.


And of course these awesome bloggers were not afraid to drink Zerorez's "Zr water." Luckily we caught some of these fun moments on camera!


We'll be posting more highlights from these amazing bloggers shortly! To view our Facebook album of great photos go here.


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