Pet Odor Removal: The Zerorez Difference

Uh Oh

My dog has the funniest personality. Sam, he is a lab, makes friends easily, and has definitely made himself part of the family. However, Sam has ways to spite me when he doesn't feel he gets the attention he needs! The chewing is one thing; the little surprise accidents is another.

Pet Odor

Pet odor has its own challenges and can be caused by a few different issues.

  1. Pet dander. Animals, just like us humans, are constantly shedding dead skin and hair. Not only that, their bodies just like our bodies, also shed natural oils. When the dead skin, hair, and oils build up in our carpets pet odor becomes the symptom of the issue.
  2. Urine. Urine contains waste products from the body. Hormones, lipids, proteins, uric acidā€¦and the list goes on. These waste products are a bacterial breeding ground that can be a major source of unpleasant odor. Not only can it cause bad odor, but the urine can also cause unsightly stains on your carpet.

How To Clean Up The Messes

I can't stress vacuuming enough. I know, I know it is a chore. However, a good working vacuum with a good beater bar can be very effective at removing pet dander and pet hair from the carpet. You can even pick up large lint rollers that you can use on your carpet to pick up pet hair and dander.

With urine, the sooner you clean up the accident, the better chance you have at preventing damage. Try to stay away from over the counter carpet spotters, sometimes those spotters can cause more damage or even make the smell worse.

If problems persist, you should think about calling in a professional!

The Zerorez Difference

Most carpet cleaners approach at pet odor removal Las Vegas is by using deodorizers or masking agents. This approach doesn't make the smell go away, it just hides it for a few hours.

Zerorez®, over the years, has put together an arsenal of products that are extremely effective at treating pet odor. We go after the source of the problem. If we can find and get rid of the pet odor source, we can typically solve the problem. In fact, our Zerorez Pet Odor Treatments will typically resolve the issue 90% to 95% of the time. The Pet Odor treatment can also help alleviate or get rid of pet stains.

It is the most effective and thorough pet odor treatment I have ever seen in the industry. Make your house smell great again! Choose Zerorez.

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