Pet Problems: Help on the Surface

Last time, we gave you some advice on how to clean your carpet if you catch your pet using it as a bathroom. But what if you only found the spots later on, after it’s been there for awhile? What if there’s a carpet stain, or worse, an odor that you just can’t seem to get rid of?

At this point, you’ll need more profession help, so you’ll look to your favorite Indianapolis carpet cleaner, Zerorez! Once a technician is out to your home, he’ll be able to investigate the problem more thoroughly; pet accidents, after all, may create much deeper concerns beneath the surface which only a professional can properly assess. For today, we’ll cover the more surface-level issues, and next time we’ll go into detail on those deeper problems of which you may not be aware. Now it must be said that our pet treatments are primarily for dealing with odor. Your Zerorez carpet cleaner has other means for addressing stains, although there is always the chance that they could be permanent.

Now suppose you have a small dog that leaves trickles along the surface, but not puddles. Most likely, that urine was caught in the surface fibers of the carpet. This can also be confirmed if you only notice an odor kicking up during especially hot or rainy days. The reason for this is because once the urine dries into salts, those salts can be reactivated by heat and by water. This is very important to keep in mind because at Zerorez, we clean with both heat and water, meaning that if you have this problem and turn down our surface-level pet treatment, you will be looking at some stinky carpet.

So what do we do for this surface-level problem? Well we’re glad you asked! We’d recommend what’s called our “Pet Topical Treatment.” Before cleaning the room, the technician will spray down a product which will begin to encapsulate those odor particles so that they don’t kick up into the air during the clean. The regular clean will then flush out the urine salts and leave your carpets cleaned, sanitized and, most importantly, deodorized. No funky smells for your home, just that sweet fragrance of clean carpet! Unless, of course, a deeper treatment is needed, but we’ll get more into that next time. Stay clean, Indy.



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