Pike Place Market Seattle

Pike Place Market is a place where Seattle locals and visitors alike come to gather, eat, shop, and enjoy the Seattle experience. It's a place where locals support locals, and where you can find something unique, exciting, or delicious. While wandering the streets of this market, you will likely run into a variety of street entertainers. For many many years, buskers have entertained people spending their afternoon in Pike Place Market - it's one of the things that make this location unique and fun!

The farmers market at Pike Place Market is full of fresh produce grown by our very own Washington farmers. Stop by any time of the year to pick up your fresh fruits and veggies of the season and support local agriculture! In addition to the year-round farmers market, Pike Place Market is also home to a crafts market, fish market, and specialty foods market.

The crafts market at Pike Place supports Seattle artists by featuring the work of over 200 local craftspeople. You can discover and buy unique crafts such as glass art, jewelry, clay pottery, custom hardwood longboards, knit clothes, fun toys, fashion accessories, paintings, leather goods, and more in the crafts market. The people of Seattle do such an amazing job at supporting the market that local artists are able to make a living off of selling at Pike Place Market.

The fish markets at Pikes Place offer an excellent variety of fresh fish, meat, and dairy products. Seafood caught in local waters and delivered daily. Meat from butchers who know how and where the meat was raised. Stop by Pikes Place fish markets to pick up your very own selection of fresh fish, meat, and dairy that stretches far beyond the expectations of any ordinary grocery store.

Not only will Pike Place Market have everything you need to complete your weekly grocery shopping list, but it also has the ingredients and spices needed to make any recipe you may be having cravings for. Next time you wonder where to find that lemongrass for your favorite Tom Kah Gai soup, or that pure artisan cheese for your next lunch party, think to make a stop at Pikes Place Market Seattle.

You also have many options for retail shopping at the Pikes Place market. Whether you are in the mood to look for antiques and collectibles, boutique clothing, musical instruments, books, shoes, eyeglasses, gifts and toys, soap, yarn, or candy, Pikes Place Market has shops for all that and more!

If food is really what you are out looking for, Pikes Place Market is again the place for you. Do you want breakfast with a view? Indoor dining? Outdoor dining? All the options are here in one place: Pikes Place. Mexican food, a classic cafe, an American Grill, world-class seafood, ice cream sodas, Italian pizza, European Cafe, French crepes, garden pasta, a local pubā€¦ no matter your cravings, come try something new at one of the featured dining locations in this beautiful Seattle market.

If Pike Place sounds like a cool place to visit, you should also visit The Seattle Center.

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