Post-Holiday Carpet Stain Guide

While opening your house for the holidays is a fun and welcoming thing to do, it does not go without risks. Alcohol, finger foods, and crowded conditions make it easy for your carpets to take a hit.

You don't want to be one of those people who make objects more important than humans, so just relax and enjoy the party, knowing you can deal with any spills and stains that occur afterward. You can do a quick cleanup during the party, then rely on Las Vegas carpet cleaners to restore your carpet once the music stops and the guests head home.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

If someone has a spill, the first role of a good host is to not make them feel bad about it. Do some initial carpet stain removal and return to the spill after the party for a more intensive clean.

The methods to remove stains from your carpet depends on what they are. For solid stains like mud, use a vacuum to pick up as much of the loose material as possible. If you have a clean stiff-bristled brush, rub that across the area, then vacuum again.

Also, if the weather is bad, a sturdy welcome mat will provide some carpet protection from tracked mud, slush, and moisture.

For semi-solid stains like melted chocolate, scoop up as much as possible with a spoon or butter knife.

For a liquid stain, press a clean washcloth into the stain, absorbing as much moisture as possible. If the spill is brightly colored, such as red wine or cranberry sauce, you may want to pour some cold water over it and blot again to dilute the stain.

After the Party

Once the guests have left, you may want to revisit the stain. There are a variety of home concoctions you can mix up that may help return your carpet to its pre-party state.

A combination of warm water, vinegar, and dish soap do a good job of removing red wine. Cold water and dish soap work well at removing cranberry sauce and many other types of stains.

Regardless of the type of stain, once you have cleaned it as best you can, use clear, cold water and a clean cloth to rinse the area.

Calling the Professionals

It's no fun to entertain if you know you will spend the next week returning your home to its natural state. Instead, consider giving a professional carpet cleaning company a call.

A Las Vegas carpet cleaner like Zerorez® is the perfect solution to restore your carpet to a like-new condition. We use patented Zr™ Water technology to get your carpets looking brand new. Our solution also leaves No Residue® behind, meaning nothing left to attract dirt.

If you are looking for expert carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, give Zerorez a call today and leave the mess to us!

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