Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Pre-Cleaning and How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right

The weather is finally getting cooler and the holidays are just around the corner again-where did the year go?! As you begin to plan the holidays in your home, before you start pulling out the bins full of decorations and moving furniture in preparation for welcoming family and friends for holiday celebrations, think about how you're going to make your floors and rooms sparkle.

Here are some tips for furniture arrangement and cleaning to get ready for a full house for the holidays. Because knowing you have a clean rug at home and knowing how to get your furniture arrangement right, you can be sure your holidays will be merry and bright.

Step 1: Prepare floors for lots of people (and pets)

Chances are that unless you've been moving your furniture or done deep cleaning throughout the year, your floors have taken a hit in the last year. You likely have high-traffic areas that are discolored from wear, even if you have a "no shoes" policy in your home. The flooring under your furniture could even be a different color from being covered up for so long. Furniture feet can also leave indentations that crush carpet or rug fibers, or create scuffs on hardwood floors.

With the furniture moved out of the way - and before you draw up your floor plans for furniture arrangement, add the extra leaves to the dining room table or create a place for the Christmas tree - now's the perfect time to remove any stains that might have developed and give your carpets and area rugs a deep clean. Here are some more reminders on how to clean rug stains and how to clean an oriental rug if you need them (instead of searching for "area rug cleaning near me" for the stains you can clean yourself).

And as you're moving your furniture around to get to the floors, don't forget to flip those chairs and tables to see what's hiding under them! Vacuum or wipe up all those cobwebs, pet fur and dust bunnies that have collected on the bottom side of your furniture since your last deep cleaning.

Step Two: Create Focal Points Using Area Rugs

When it comes to furniture arrangement in different rooms, particularly those where your company will be spending time, area rugs will go a long way to tie rooms together. Area rugs will also help to hide any imperfections from shuffling furniture around.

If you're considering furniture arrangement for an open floor plan, create multiple conversation areas by laying an area rug and arranging the chairs and couches facing each other, with the front legs of each piece on the area rug. Finish off each space with accent tables or a coffee table for guests to place drinks and plates to create a comfortable space while they're visiting.

If your living space already has lots of area rugs, you'll want to be sure to give them a deep clean before the guests arrive. They may look pretty tired from this busy year, but don't give up on your area rugs. You just have to be smart about how to clean rug stains, especially specialty rugs. New stains are easy to clean when you catch them right after they've happened. It is safe to clean rugs at home that are made for that, like synthetic rugs, ruggable rugs and bathroom mats. But some area rugs, like those made with silk, wool, hide, for example, are best left in the hands of the professionals.
For specialty rugs, the Zerorez DC Metro Rug Spa will pick up your rugs from your home, take them to our facility to give them a deep clean. We soak the area rugs in a solution that allows the fibers to release dirt and odors. We then remove the excess water and hang them to dry, and then deliver them back to your front door, clean, fresh, and ready for the holidays. If you're already wondering, "Where do I find area rug cleaning near me," you can find our contact information below. You can trust we know how to clean a oriental rug.

Step 3: Create Space for Guests and Decorations

Once you've cleaned and tidied your floors and you've used those freshly cleaned area rugs as the focal point for furniture arrangement in the living room or den, now's the time to get decorating for the holidays. As you're decorating, keep these tips for furniture arrangement in mind.

Go with the Flow

If you're thinking of having a holiday gathering, it's always important to think about the flow of people and the furniture arrangement in different rooms. As you're adding decorations to the conversation areas you've created in your home, think about whether your guests have room to move around your home as they gather. No one wants to be the guest that knocks over the beautiful holiday display just because there wasn't room for them to get to the party food.

Open Up the Space You Need

As you're wondering how to get your furniture arrangement right, remember there's no rule you have to keep all the furniture in the room. If those conversation areas have been set and you have extra furniture, consider taking it out of the rooms you're using to gather to create more space for your guests.

Never Block the Food or Drinks

Most of us associate the holidays with good food. The last thing you want to do is keep your guests from the food and drinks you've spent time planning and/or prepping for those you love. As you're planning your floor plans for furniture arrangement, plan for easy access to your food and drink serving areas, and make them easily accessible (so your guests can be full of holiday cheer).

Skip Searching for "Area Rug Cleaning Near Me"

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