Pros and Cons to Tile Floors vs. Other Kinds of Floors

Tile Flooring

One very common flooring that you will see in households is tile flooring. People tend to love tile because it is easy to maintain, durable, and water-resistant. These pros make tile a great floor for kitchens, bathrooms, and houses with pets or messy children. Some cons making tile your choice of flooring is that is cold, hard, and can become slippery easily. Tile can be easy to clean during regular day to day activities, but over time tile will change colors due to soil build-up. This is especially common and easier to see in the grout. Here at Zerorez tile cleaning services we are known for using our No Residue technology, we will remove soil build-up and restore your floor's appearance to a "like new" state. Here at Zerorez tile cleaning Austin we can also use a Nano-Tech sealer that will prevent future stains and soiling.

Hard Surface Flooring

Granite is a beautiful option for hard surface flooring. In addition to looking beautiful, it is exceptionally durable, a great option for hypoallergenic flooring, and comes in many styles. Some problems that can come with choosing to have granite floors in your home is first, it can be difficult to install. Second, when granite floors need proper hard surface cleaning, it may require expert cleaning services. Using harsh or aggravating cleaners on granite will cause damage to the surface and break down the sealant. Even using sponges or other rough cleaning supplies can cause damage to the granite surface. If you have granite floors and need a premium hard surface cleaning, set an appointment with Zerorez Austin where we use no harsh chemicals or soaps. We use a green technology that protects your home, your granite floor sealant, and the environment.

Another beautiful hard surface that is very common in households is hardwood flooring. The two biggest cons of hardwood flooring are first, they can easily be scratched and second, they are prone to water damage because hardwood is not water-resistant.

Many people like hardwood flooring because it is a traditional flooring that seems to never go out of style, it doesn't get cold like tile which makes it a more comfortable surface for the home, and it improves the value of a home because it can last for generations. Zerorez cleans hardwood surfaces using tools and products that will make your hardwood floors shine again. A patented alkaline water and microfibre cleaning tool will be used to clean between the fine grain of your flooring. Then, for extra shine, Zerorez hard surface cleaning will buff and clean the floor with a special commercial buffer.


As you may have assumed, carpet has been a popular choice of flooring for years and years. One major pro about carpet that contributes to thousands of people choosing this type of flooring is the fact that it is very comfortable, soft, and warm. Some cons are that it can get dirty easily, spills and stains can be hard to get out, and the vacuum only picks up so much of the dirt and grime that gets stuck in carpet fibers. Here at Zerorez carpet cleaning Austin we get deep into your carpets and pull up that dirt and grime without leaving any dirt-attracting residue behind by using a proprietary solution called Zr Water®, rather than using detergents, soaps, or harsh chemicals that will harm your carpets over time.

The Best Kind of Flooring

The best kind of flooring for you really depends on your lifestyle. If you have lots of young kids that make spills and pets that have accidents may push your preference to a hard surface such as hardwood floors, granite flooring, or tile that is easier to get quick spills up from. Though, if you are worried about your floor getting scratched, hardwood flooring might not be your first choice. No matter what kind of flooring you have chosen for your home, we have a solution for you. When your floors need a proper and thorough cleaning, regardless of what kind of flooring you have, Zerorez can make your floors cleaner longer, and provide a safer surface for your children, pets, and the environment. Book with us today to receive a cleaning service that will leave you satisfied over and over again.

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