Protect Your Surfaces During the Holidays

Protect Your Surfaces During the Holidays

We love the holiday season! It is a time to spend with our loved ones, enjoy great food, and reminisce on holidays of old. But if there is one thing holidays of old have taught us, it's that we are bound to end up with a few more stains in the carpet and upholstery, and our hardwood floors are bound to get a little stickier with some greasy spills. Not to worry! We have a plan to protect your surfaces during the holidays!

Your Carpets and Area Rugs Love Protectant

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving in your home this year, gearing up for the colder weather, or entertaining visitors for the holidays, your carpet is bound to get dirty- very dirty. If our carpets and area rugs do not start with protectant, then we simply would be doing them a great disservice. You may not know that almost all carpet made today have protectors applied to them during the manufacturing process. This is a huge reason why carpets last longer than they did years ago. However, this protectant does not last forever. To maintain the life expectancy of your beautiful carpet, it is important to have protectant reapplied to your carpet and area rugs before your family comes into town. At Zerorez®, our protectors work! They are made to protect your carpets from all kinds of spills that could settle into your carpet- including the plate or two of pie that gets dropped on the living room floor.

Upholstery can be Protected as Well

Between all the food and visitors, your upholstery is bound to get a little beat up. Your couch and sofa are going to be a family destination during Thanksgiving Football and maybe even meals. Staying on top of protecting your upholstery before the holiday whirl hits will save you a lot of time with cleaning later. It is not a matter of if someone spills their punch on your couch, it's when! So what better way is there to avoid stains than to resist them? Because of the wide variety of fabrics used for upholstery, our professionals at Zerorez® can find and apply the best fabric protector for your couch cushions. Once the holiday season is here, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how your couch is holding up.

Your Hard Surfaces Should Be Sealed

The tile in your home is going to have a lot of traffic during the holidays; especially the floors in your entryway, kitchen, and bathroom. Between the visitors and meal preparations, your floors will need some protection as well! Much like a protectant for soft surfaces, a sealant is critical to protect your hard surfaces. Many people think their tile is sealed when it is installed. This is normally not the case. When your tile is not sealed, your floor has hundreds of little unseen cracks and crevices. Debris, food, and whatever your shoes bring in, will accumulate in the small holes and pores of your tile. With Zerorez®, you do not need to risk damaging the surfaces with chemicals or abrasive products. You also can save money by protecting the lifespan of your tile and grout through the sealing process. Sealing the surface creates a protective layer; making it so you wipe away holiday accidents easier.

Reduce your Work

We know the holidays are a busy, crazy time for you. Holiday preparations are in order with everyone coming into town for Thanksgiving and Christmas close behind. All the aunts make their famous Thanksgiving meals in the kitchen. Uncles usually track mud into the house. And little ones always knock over the drinks. Our professionals at Zerorez® want to make things easier for you by protecting the surfaces of your carpet, floors, and upholstery. That way, you (and all your surfaces) are ready to take on the holidays!


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