Removing Pet Stains from Carpet

Your pet made a stain on your beautiful carpet or upholstery. Then you think to yourself, "how can I stay mad at that face!" and you get on with the task of cleaning it up. You don't want to use harsh chemicals where your little buddy likes to lay down, and at times has an accident, so you search "how to remove pet urine naturally" and found many do it yourself methods. So let's discuss your options, because that stain is setting in!

Get in there: Roll up those sleeves and get as much urine out of the carpet or upholstery as you can. Don't be rough on it by scrubbing, instead blot the carpet or upholstery with towels (100% cotton towels preferred due to the fact that they absorb up to 240% of its weight in liquid). Repeat this process until you feel nothing more coming up from the carpet. Still wet? You will want to place another cotton towel down and place weight on top of it and let it set. Let the towel absorb up the liquid. If you wait too long and it gets down in the padding, more aggressive measures will need to be taken by a professional. So get in there and do this part now then come back and read the rest!

Homemade pet stain solution: There are tons of posts out there about homemade mixtures and we DO NOT advise the use of any of them; not because they are not safe for your home, they just add to your problem. There is everything from vinegar mixtures to baking soda to baby powder recommendations on the Internet to clean up the pet urine. These do not neutralize the pet urine but rather masks the odor for a time and leave more to clean up in the end.

Your best choice: If you want to clean it yourself, Zerorez® Nashville has a solution that will not only do an amazing job, but is 100% safe for your pets as well as the whole family. The product is called Zero Stink a combination of a proprietary product called Zr Out and our Zr™ Water. The Zr™ Water helps wash the carpet or upholstery. The Zero Stink gets rid of the source of odors so you can breathe fresh air again. Zero stink works by forming a bond around the odor molecules and makes tiny microscopic balls trapping the odor inside. You then vacuum out the tiny balls when it dries. The next time we come in to clean your carpets we remove any remaining tiny balls with our patented cleaning solution, Zr™ Water.

Zero stink is available to purchase through a Zerorez Nashville technician. Call 615-535-9376.

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