Resource Guide – Hard Surface Flooring Issues (Tile/Stone/Wood)

A quick read that will give you valuable information on cleaning, maintaining and restoring your hard-surface flooring.

Do my hard surface floors need professional cleaning?

YES, they do! I know this statement sounds utterly self-serving coming from a company that provides professional carpet and hard surface cleaning. However, it's the truth. I also know that many of these types of flooring surfaces are sold as virtually maintenance-free. Depending on the length of time you've owned your tile, stone or wood floors you now know better.

Visual clues take longer to develop

The main difference, from a soiling perspective, between a carpeted flooring surface versus a hard flooring surface is that soil on a carpet is more in your face and harder to remove. Spill a cup of coffee on carpet and you know you're in trouble. For a stone or wood floor it takes longer for you to start seeing issues pop-up that may point to the need for some professional attention.

Soil acting as sandpaper on your floors

The soiling we track into our homes on the bottom of our shoes typically consists of a multitude of substances. The most damaging are the abrasive, sandy soil particles that act as abrasive sandpaper beneath the soles of our shoes. Over time, these very tiny scratches (micro-abrasions) dull the finish of your natural stone or wood floor.

Cleaning alone may not be enough

Depending on the state of your floor, cleaning alone may not correct the issue you want fixed. If you're looking to bring shine back to a marble floor or restore the luster to a wood floor that had an after-market coating applied, cleaning by itself is usually not enough. Here's a listing of surface specific services that may need to be performed to your hard surface floor:

  • Stripping - stripping referrers to the removal of after-market products applied to the flooring surface. Most common on wood floors are products such as Quick-Shine, Orange-Glo and Rejuvinate.
  • Polishing and/or Honing - polishing or honing refers to the act of bringing shine or dulling the surface of natural stone. It's designed to fix the micro-abrasion issues referenced earlier.
  • Crystallizing - crystalizing is a less expensive and less invasive way to restore the dull surface of a natural stone floor.

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