Resource Guide – Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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A quick read that will give you valuable information on the care and maintenance of your hardwood floor and the tools and supplies you should have on-hand.

Hardwood floor cleaning must haves:

Vacuum with a soft bristle floor attachment. Good quality microfiber floor pad. A neutral, non-detergent, cleaning agent and a spotting agent (may we suggest the Zerorez® Hard-Surface Cleaning Success Kit) in a misting spray bottle.

How to clean your wood floor in 2 easy steps

STEP No. 1 Dry soil removal is ideally done by vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Dry soil removal is a critical step to the long-term wellbeing of your wood floor. It should be performed as often as daily in your high traffic areas coming in from the outside.

TIP: Place door mats at high-traffic entry points to catch soil before it enters your home.

STEP No. 2 Damp soil removal. The frequency of this step will depend on many factors. Weekly is a good rule of thumb. When done it is critical that it's performed immediately following step 1. Apply a liberal amount of your neutral cleaning product to start and get your microfiber pad damp. Move the pad over your wood floor with the direction of the grain.

TIP: Go light on the cleaning product and stock-up on extra microfiber cleaning pads. You want to exchange these frequently during your damp cleaning.

Depending on your skill level and dedication to step 1 and step 2 you may never have to get to step 3.

STEP No. 3 Deep-soil removal. There is a high likelihood that your cleaning product will leave a slight residue every time you clean. Over time this becomes a build-up that dulls your wood floor and is difficult to remove. That's where we as professionals come in. We will precondition your floor and provide a squeegee deep cleaning to rinse the build-up off your floor.

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