Six Healthy Cleaning Habits That Kill Those Nasty Germs

The goal of cleaning your home should be to make your home cleaner than when you started. This seems pretty straightforward, but the truth is that more people are leaving behind a bigger mess. It's not the dust-on-the-shelves type mess; it's easy to see that the dust is gone. But the mess that is almost always left behind is a chemical one. Way too many cleaning products on the line are packed with harsh chemicals that remain in the home following a thorough cleaning. That's why Las Vegas' Zerorez® carpet cleaning company is here to provide you with six cleaning habits that will kill the nasty germs and leave your home with Zero Residue® - that's why it's in our name.

6. Use products from around the home.

The key to keeping a home chemical-free is to start with well-known ingredients. Gentle soaps, white vinegar, and baking soda are great at getting up the grime.

5. Remember that it's not about the scent.

As a society, we've come to the association that something is clean when it smells pretty or the bleach burns our nose hairs. The faux smells are chemically added perfumes, and bleach is incredibly damaging to both the human body and the products on which it is used. A good cleaning product should have no odor at all.

4. Clean with quality, not quantity.

Many spills and stains can be lifted with some soap and warm water. It's not necessary to drown the stain with a chemical cleanser or wipe the table after dinner with a bleach wipe. Take into account the severity of the mess and use the right product instead of a lot of the wrong product.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn the three more cleaning habits that will clean your home without leaving behind a chemical residue. Plus, we'll let you in on the secret about how Zerorez is able to leave Zero Residue® during carpet cleaning.

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