Social Distancing Stickers for the Floor

How to Remove and Replace Floor Stickers

We've been receiving calls from clients who have social distancing marking stickers on their floors that have worn out that need to be removed and replaced. Whether the floors are carpeted or tiled, we have the answers you're looking for.

When it became necessary to place social distancing in offices and other public spaces, the impact of placing social distancing stickers on the carpet and other floor surfaces was not top of mind for the businesses that placed them there. Now that they're old and worn, you may be dealing with the stickers pulling away or fraying, leaving areas where the adhesive is exposed and attracting dirt. Here are our recommendations for how to remove, treat, and replace 6ft social distancing stickers.

Carpet Stickers

How to remove social distancing marking stickers from carpet

You might think that carpet would be the toughest surface to remove 6ft social distancing stickers from, but it's really not that hard. The vinyl or plastic surface of the sticker should peel away easily, but the adhesive may require a specialized carpet cleaning to be completely removed.

WARNING: We recommend that you not attempt to use solvents to remove social distancing stickers on carpet that might typically be used to break adhesives down. Solvents may sink into the fibers of the carpet and affect the adhesive that's bonding the carpet to the floor surface beneath it.

Concrete Stickers

How to remove social distancing marking stickers from concrete

It's surprisingly difficult to remove stickers from concrete. Stickers on a concrete floor can leave stains if left too long. The best way to remove social distancing marking stickers from concrete is to use a straight-edge razor or scraper to remove the vinyl or plastic. To remove the adhesive, you'll need a stripping pad and water to remove the finish from the floor. Then, you'll need a pH-neutral cleaner and repeat the process until the adhesive comes up. If you're moving the location of the new social distancing stickers for the floor, you'll need to follow up the stripping process with two or three coats of sealant. But, if you're simply replacing the 6ft social distancing stickers, don't bother with the sealant.

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Stickers

How to remove social distancing marking stickers from Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Stickers won't stain VCT floors the way they may concrete, but pulling them up will also pull up the wax. As with the concrete, if you're replacing the social distancing stickers for the floor in the same location they are being removed from, be sure to remove the residual adhesive and then simply replace the sticker. If you're moving the location of the sticker, you will need to strip and wax the place where the sticker has been.

Hardwood Floor Stickers

How to remove social distancing marking stickers from hardwood floors

The trick to removing social distancing office stickers from hardwood floors is to not use abrasives or tools that will dent or scratch the wood. If the sticker is made of paper, you should be able to spray some rubbing alcohol on it to break down the paper and the adhesive and use a sponge or microfiber cloth to remove the adhesive. If the sticker is vinyl or plastic, peel it or scrape it off using a dull, broad-edged tool, like a plastic spatula or a credit card, to gently scrape it away. The rubbing alcohol should take care of the rest. Just remember to make sure the area is well-ventilated if you are spraying rubbing alcohol, as it can become an irritant if there's no air movement.

Marble Floor Stickers

How to remove social distancing marking stickers from marble floors

There are a number of products you can use to remove the adhesive of social distancing office stickers from marble floors, most of which are easy to find and involve no harsh chemicals. Vegetable oil, mineral spirits, cornstarch, and soap and water are among the easy to find solutions. It is important to avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners, however, as they can damage marble.

While there are many DIY solutions to removing and replacing social distancing stickers for the floor, we strongly recommend hiring us to do it for you. We are experts in the proper care of flooring of all types, our cleaning agents are safe in any environment, and we can take care of your floors in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it yourself.

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