Spot Cleaning - What to Use?

You just had your carpets cleaned professionally for the holidays. Your family is over and you're all sitting down to an enjoyable meal of turkey and pumpkin pie. And then, someone drops their plate all over your nice, clean carpet. Or worse, your dog gets scared by all the commotion and leaves a wet spot. Well in case you cannot get the professionals back right away, what can you do?

Your first instinct may be to grab that bottle of generic or name-brand cleaner you grabbed at the grocery store, you know, the one with all the chemicals in it. That should surely get out the stain, right? Please listen when I tell you this: do not follow that instinct. You see, those chemicals may give you the impression that they'll be "tough on stains" or however it says on the bottle. The problem is that many of those chemicals will only be masking the stain for a short while, and actually setting it in more permanently in the long run. What's worse, some of the really strong ones may even start damaging the fibers of your carpet.

Instead, use something made with natural ingredients. For most stains, using a bottle of our Zerorez® Spot Remover, as quickly as possible, should do the trick. With only a few drops, whatever was spilled should begin to break down, allowing you to blot it up with a wet or damp cloth. But don't go drenching the spot; if you put down too much to soak up with a rag, then that residue will actually attract dirt and oil.

If your pet had an accident, then you may need to add a step. First, soak up as much moisture as you can. Then, use a natural product to deal with the stain (make sure you do this first!). Then, once the stain is gone, you can try one of the store-bought products that mentions the word "enzymes," which will help break down the odor. Make sure the harsher cleaner is last, after you've dealt with the stain; otherwise, it may likely set the stain in. The best product I'd recommend is our Zerorez Spot Remover. And until the end of November, you can get a bottle absolutely free with a donation to Wheeler Mission Ministries for our "Cleans for a Cause" initiative. But be quick, because once December rolls around, it's back to $19! Stay clean, Indy.



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