Spring Cleaning Is In The Phoenix Air

Spring cleaning are two words that are either music to your ears, or two words that make you want to jump in bed, hide under the covers, and not leave for a good while.

Whether you relate with either one of these types of people or if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, we’ll give you some tips that will make your spring cleaning a bit more successful this year.

Spring is a time where we throw away the short days of winter and welcome in the longer, sunnier, happier days.

It makes perfect sense to throw away the dirt, dust, and clutter that have built up over the winter months and freshen up your home to match the fresh air outside.

Here are a few Spring Cleaning musts with Zerorez® Phoenix that will help you get your home into shape so you can enjoy the inside of your home just as much as you will enjoy the warm sunshine outside.

Declutter Your Space

People tend to collect “stuff.”

We collect clothes, books, decor, ticket stubs, pictures, receipts, etc. The list could go on and on!

Lots of these things can be good, but not when they are taking over your home.

Your home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed. It’s not just a space to store all of your random belongings.

Spring is a great time of year to make a sweep through your home and get rid of any unnecessary items.

That dress that was calling your name three years ago and still has the tags on it–yeah, that can go.

What about a pair of jeans that are from your college years that you are determined to fit into someday? Get rid of those too.

They really are just mocking you from the closet and you deserve a NEW pair of jeans once you’ve reached your goal.

In the wise words of Marie Kondo, if the item does not spark joy for you, throw it out.

In other words, if the item has absolutely no purpose and is just taking up space, get rid of it.

Getting rid of stuff can be hard.

Your stuff is full of memories, emotions, and don’t forget the money you put into it.

There are a few ways to relieve the anxiety associated with decluttering.

One way is to see the end in mind. Once you imagine your home clean and tidy, you may have more motivation.

Another way is to think of the people you can help by getting rid of unnecessary or unwanted belongings.

They always say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

You can always donate your goods to your local thrift store or to charity organizations in your Phoenix community that will be able to benefit from your items.

Clean Ceiling Fixtures

Once you have been able to declutter your home a bit, it’s time to tackle cleaning spaces in your home that oftentimes get ignored or pushed to the very bottom of the list.

One of these areas is your ceiling light fixtures.

Dust tends to collect on your light fixtures, especially your ceiling fans. You’ll be using your ceiling fans a whole lot more once the warmer temperatures begin.

Nothing is worse than turning on your fan from not using it for a few months and seeing dust flying everywhere.

That just creates more things to clean in your house.

One of the reasons we leave our ceiling fans to be the last thing cleaned is because they can sometimes be difficult to clean.

A trick to cleaning your ceiling fans is to get an old pillowcase.

Slip the pillowcase over one of the blades. Apply pressure to the pillowcase on top of the blade and then slide it off.

The dust will magically fall into the pillowcase and you will be left with a clean ceiling fan without a huge amount of dust particles flying through the air.

For other light fixtures without blades, the easiest solution is to use a microfiber rag and a gentle cleaning solution.

To clean, turn off the fixture and give it a chance to cool down a bit.

Once it has cooled down, wipe off the outside of the fixture with the rag and cleaning solution. To wipe down any of the lightbulbs, use a dry cloth.

Who knew so much light could come from those light fixtures once you wipe off that pile of dust it’s buried under!

Air Out Linens

Comforters, blankets, pillows, and other linens will feel just as cooped up as you do after a long winter indoors.

They’ve kept you warm and snuggly all winter so they deserve some fresh air.

Some of your linens will need to be washed after the winter and others will just need some hours outside.

If you are washing your linens, be sure to look at any labels or tags to make sure you are washing them properly.

Many require special cleanings such as spot cleaning or delicate settings on your machines.

If your linens just need a good airing out, go ahead and place them outside on your clothesline.

If you don’t have a clothesline, use a deck railing or even grab some patio chairs and hang your linens over them.

Cleaning Your Carpet

Spring is the perfect time to get your carpets into shape.

All of the dirt, dust, and mud that comes with winter can cause a real beating on your carpets.

Just as your house needs a bit of airing out after the winter, so does your carpet.

Whether you have stains that have resurfaced from holiday parties or if your cute pup has tracked in all the mud from your backyard into your home, a carpet cleaning from Zerorez® Phoenix will get rid of those stains so you can focus your energy on other parts on your home.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming when you think of all the things in your home that could use a good scrubbing.

The most important thing to do when you are starting your spring cleaning is to take it bit by bit. Break down the tasks into smaller doable actions.

This will help you feel less overwhelmed and increase your chances of actually cleaning your home.

Often times, we have a lot on our plates so don’t feel discouraged if you are only able to clean a few things in your home.

Don’t become too overwhelmed with the cleaning part of spring that you forget to get outdoors and enjoy all that spring is really about!


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