Steam Carpet Cleaner In Henderson, NV: 3 Reasons To Get Pro Help

If you have carpeting in your home, it's dirty and needs the help of a steam carpet cleaner in Henderson, NV. It doesn't matter how many times you vacuum or spot-clean, you're not getting out the layers of ground-in grime that make your carpet look ugly and matted or the allergens and bacteria that can make you sick. Even if you've taken a stab at deep-cleaning by renting one of those carpet cleaning machines from your grocery store, you're not really getting your carpeting clean. In fact, you may be doing more harm than good. Here are some reasons you should hire a professional steam carpet cleaner in Henderson, NV instead of doing it yourself:

1 - Professionals Have The Right Equipment And Supplies

No matter what kind of machine you rent from a store, it simply doesn't have the power that a professional machine has to force water into your carpet and to suction it back out again. In addition, most rental machines require the use of detergent to clean your carpets. Detergents work by getting dirt and grease to cling to them and unless you rinse and remove 100% of that detergent, it will remain in your carpeting attracting dirt that will make it look bad again fairly quickly. The best professional carpet cleaners use cleaning solutions that leave zero residue behind.

2 - Deep Cleaning Carpeting Is Hard, Labor-Intensive Work

Lifting a heavy, rental carpet cleaning machine into your car will be your first clue that attempting a DIY carpet cleaning is going to be difficult. It can, in fact, be back-breaking. Not only do you have to haul in heavy equipment, you also have to move all of the furniture in every room you want to clean, vacuum, pre-spray, agitate, extract, fill the machine with clean water and empty the dirty water. And then you have to return the unit to the store.

3 - You Could Damage Your Carpeting

A common problem with home carpet cleaning is over-wetting. Over-wetting not only increases drying times, it can also lead to mold growth and browning or yellowing of your carpeting. In addition, overheating of the water in a rental cleaner can cause the backing of your carpet to break down, which will cause your carpet to wrinkle. A professional carpet cleaner will use the minimum amount of water necessary to clean your carpet and he'll groom your carpet after cleaning to keep the fibers from matting and to eliminate the look of traffic patterns.

Don't clean your carpets yourself. A professional steam carpet cleaner in Henderson, NV has the equipment and the training to do the job quickly and easily. Call us at Zerorez® at (702) 567-0016 to schedule your cleaning and visit us online at to find out about our patented Zr™ Water technology that cleans your rug with zero residue.

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