Stinky Pets Mean You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter how cute and friendly pets are, they are severely lacking when it comes to cleanliness. There are no pets out there that know how to properly bathe themselves or ensure they wipe their paws before walking inside the house. It's hard enough to remember that for ourselves, sometimes! Pet dander and mess can take a toll on your home, especially your carpets that take the brunt of the dirt.

The carpet is the place where everything falls. When your pet tracks in mud from outside, it is immediately pounded into the depths of the carpet. When your pet rolls and jumps during playtime, its fur shakes off its body and lands on the carpet. When your pet isn't feeling very well and has an accident, it's likely to land on your carpet. While you can do a decent job of initially cleaning up the mess with your standard cleaners, you may need the help of a professional to get the deep mess that lingers.

Your Las Vegas home deserves a professional carpet cleaning. Clean carpets means clean air. Just like you wash your hands after make a mess, your pets wipe their feet, roll around, and leave a mess in the carpet. A professional cleanse can mean the difference between fresh air and a contaminated bacterial air. The longer a mess sits, the longer the bacteria has to grow. You don't want bacteria to grow in your carpet because the mess sunk lower than you could clean on your own. Our equipment allows us to thoroughly clean the mess from the deepest pores of the carpet, leaving your home fresh, clean, and dander-free!

If you know your pet has made a mess or two in your home, then call on Zerorez® Las Vegas for our carpet cleaning services.

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