Summer Cleaning Checklist: 5 Things You Need Deep Cleaned This Summer

Plus, Your Exclusive Summer Cleaning Tips from Zerorez®

Summertime is here, and there are likely a million things on your to-do list. While ensuring that your family gets to their summer functions on time, along with all the other daily tasks, you still have to squeeze in taking care of things around the house.

The one thing that you don't want to fall by the wayside is your summer cleaning checklist. With your busy lifestyle and not wanting to miss out on summer fun, you may need to call in for some backup.

5 Summer Cleaning Checklist Items

Here are some chores that may require some extra assistance to give your home the cleaning boost it needs for the summer:

1. Flooring

In the summertime, floors often get neglected. Kids coming in and out of the pool and entertaining parties both inside and outside can wreak havoc on floors, no matter what they are made of.

While vacuuming daily and spot cleaning with natural cleaners helps keep up with appearances, a deep-down clean is what you need! A professional deep cleaning, from carpets to tile and grout, from Zerorez gives your floors the love and care they need to make it through the summer in one piece!

2. Air Ducts

Although spring is over, pollen and other pollutants may still linger in the air for weeks. These particles can become trapped in hidden places, like your air ducts or HVAC system.

While daily summer cleaning may help reduce the amount of pollutants in your home, a deep cleaning of your air duct system can make a huge difference in your indoor air quality.

3. Pesky Pet Areas

If your pets have free roam of the house, so do their hair and muddy paw prints! Daily cleaning can be a huge chore, even if you have an area set up to control their dirt and fur before they enter your home.

Luckily, you can target smelly areas with Zerorez's pet spot and odor treatment. The treatment utilizes enzymes to break down troublesome pet odors. This helps you not only clean up stains but also target odor!

4. Upholstered Surfaces

There's nothing like coming home to a soft place to land after a long day outside, but your upholstery acquires a lot of dead skin and body oils each time you lay on it. With daily use, it doesn't take long for upholstered surfaces to start showing signs of discoloration and wear.

Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned not only helps you get softer, comfier surfaces, but it also helps boost your home health! The healthier you and your family are, the more summer fun you can enjoy!

5. Damp Basement Odors

In the warmer months, basement areas are more prone to moisture and flooding. If you've had a damp basement but haven't been able to eliminate musky odors completely, call the pros to help restore a healthy balance in the air quality.

A deep cleaning of your basement area depends on the space and whether it's been furnished or used as a storage area. With the help of the professionals at Zerorez, you can boost the air quality through each of our deep cleaning services. Because air travels from the bottom up, restoring your basement and keeping it clean can help keep the rest of the air throughout your home clean!

5 More Summer Cleaning Tasks

As the Experts in the Science of Clean™, Zerorez has the top summer cleaning tips to help you get through all your chores even during the busiest season! Once the deep cleaning from Zerorez is done, it's time to tackle:

Swapping the Decor: Summer calls for brighter colors and a lighter feel. It's time to put the chunky blankets away and start implementing fresh or fake flowers. There's no better time to start working on improving your green thumb than in the summer! Add plants to each room to improve air quality and give your home some life.

Cleaning Out Your Car: There's about to be a lot more driving in your future. With all the summer activities going on, keeping up with cleaning your car keeps you ready for all the action! Start out with tossing all the trash, getting a portable vacuum, and throwing your mats in the wash for a quick and easy refresh! For the upholstery, be sure to call Zerorez for car upholstery cleaning.

Clearing the Closets: Winter coats are out and t-shirts and shorts are in! Take inventory of your closet, and throw the winter gear into storage, making room for summer clothes and activities. Make room by putting boots away, and throw all your summer clothes into the wash to get them fresh and ready for use!

Hosing Down the Porch: Spending more time out in your yard means coming in and out the house more often. By hosing down your porch and keeping it clean, you can limit the amount of dirt that gets tracked inside.

Checking the Screens: The start of summer usually begins with cracking the windows, so making sure that your screens are free of any holes can keep you cool without having to deal with any bugs sneaking in. Check each window and screen door to make sure your home is locked down so you can enjoy the fresh summer air!

Deep Clean Your Home for a Complete Summer Clean

Getting your home deep cleaned by professionals cuts your chores in half and boosts your home's health so you can keep having fun all summer long!

While we always recommend routine maintenance like vacuuming or mopping, nothing gets your home quite as clean as Zerorez! Get your summer cleaning on the books today!

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