Summer Cleaning with Zerorez®

Summertime is here and there are likely a million things on your to-do list. While making sure that your family gets to their summer functions on time along with all the other daily tasks, you still have to squeeze in taking care of things around the house. The one thing that you don't want to fall to the wayside is your summer cleaning chores. With your busy lifestyle and not wanting to miss out on summer fun, you may need to call in for some backup. Here are some chores that may require some extra assistance.

Flooring And Furniture

In the summertime, floors can easily become neglected. Kids coming in and out of the pool and entertaining parties both inside and outside can wreak havoc on your floors and furniture. While vacuuming daily and spot cleaning with natural cleaners helps keep up with appearances, a deep down clean is what you need. The pros at Zerorez® target not only the surface area of your carpet and upholstery, they get deep within the fibers to lift deeply embedded dirt. By using their Zr Clean™️ cleaning solution, stains are targeted, lifted, extracted and removed for good.

Air Quality Improvement

With spring over, pollen and other allergens may still linger in the air for weeks. These particles can become trapped in hidden places like your air ducts or within your HVAC system. While daily summer cleaning may help cut down on allergy triggers, a deep cleaning of your air duct system can make a huge difference. ZEROREZ® offers air duct cleaning that removes dirt and dust. These also disinfect your air ducts so that you're breathing in a cleaner air environment.

Pesky Pet Areas

If your pets have free roam of the house-so does their hair and muddy paw prints. Daily cleaning can be a huge chore, even if you have an area set up to control their dirt and fur before they enter your home. You can target smelly areas with pet odor treatment from Zerorez®. Our Pet Stain and Odor Remover Treatment utilizes enzymes to break down troublesome pet odors. This helps you not only clean up stains but target odor too.

Damp Basement Odors

In the warmer months, basement areas are more prone to moisture and flooding. If you've had a damp basement but haven't been able to completely eliminate musky odors, call the pros to help restore a healthy balance in the air quality. First, odors are targeted with Zr Water®. Then, a tech will use a powerful extraction process to remove the liquid from your floor. Finally, an air purification system will catch the contaminants from the air.

Using multiple methods to keep your house sparkling helps simplify the cleaning process in your Atlanta home. Don't spend your time worrying about summer cleaning-get a jump start on your chores and a little help from Zerorez®.

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