Sutter’s Fort

Of all the rich history that Sacramento is built upon, Sutter's Fort is one of the most outstanding artifacts that captivates the land today. With its vibrant past and crucial impact on the growth of Sacramento, this landmark stands as a relic of the past and a beacon of history in the old town. Still standing today, this fort has been preserved by the people of Sacramento that cherish the history of the town and hope to use it as a representation of the past of the city. It has been established into a state park in which people are able to tour in order to gain a better understanding of the creation of this amazing Fort.

The history of this landmark begins with John Augustus Sutter who was born in Europe in 1803. Like most people during this time period, Sutter was experiencing the financial recession and decided to head out in order to claim his wealth in America. Sutter was not the first to have this idea but was one of the millions of Europeans hoping to find their fortune in the land of plenty. Ranging from Missouri all the way to Alaska and Hawaii, Sutter's travels took him all across America. Venture after venture failed him until finally, he found himself in Sacramento, California. The year was 1839 and fall had just begun to set in the warm Californian town.

After settling in Sacramento, he began to develop what would soon be known as Sutter's Fort, and considered it to be the "real wealth of California". Sutter teamed with the Mexican authorities in order to gain more land and eventually ended up with more than 150,000 acres of land. Crop of grapes and wheat were grown there along with plenty of cattle that knew Sutter Fort as home. Pioneers and workers of Sutter settled into the fort around the time of 1841. With walls that were 2.5 feet thick and 15 to 18 feet high, this structure was difficult to miss.

Several years later, as Sutter was having a mill built along the American River, a worker of his named James Marshall came to him with the discovery of gold. Word of this discovery got out and the mill, as well as the fort, were abandoned as everyone left in search for gold. By the 1850s the fort was completely abandoned and the only thing left standing were the central buildings.

The reconstruction of the Fort was started by the Mewuk and Maidu Indians from 1891 to 1893. This fort is now established as a state park and displays old artifacts such as pioneer stage-coaches, firearms, and items from the Reed-Donner immigrant party. This park now sits in the center of the hustle and bustle of the Sacramento city and is available for self-guided tours from 10 am - 5 pm. This look into the history of Sacramento is not only entertaining and informational for adults but can also be enjoyed by children. With the interactive nature of the park, there is fun that everyone in the family can enjoy. So next time you are in Sacramento, consider visiting one of the most historic landmarks that exist there today. It won't disappoint.

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