THAT’S what's really in your upholstery?!

THAT'S what's really in your upholstery?!

The first thing you want to do when you get home after a long day is to kick off your shoes and slump into the couch… Sounds nice and relaxing! You might even snuggle up and get cozy with your head on a couch cushion. But have you thought about all the dirt, dust, and debris your upholstery holds?

Over time, your upholstery acts like a breeding ground for a wide range of harmful bacteria, leading to all sorts of allergy symptoms and illnesses. Without a professional upholstery cleaning, your favorite place of relaxation is most likely teeming with all sorts of harmful germs. This not only leads to poor air quality within your home but also leaves you susceptible to illnesses caused by these bacteria.

Common causes of illness that find a home in your upholstery:

  1. Staphylococcus Bacteria: This strand of bacteria leads to all sorts of health issues including cellulitis (skin infections), pneumonia, or even stomach pains.
  2. Pseudomonas: Bacteria found in the Pseudomonas family are often the most dangerous, as it can grow in a variety of different environments, including your upholstery. Common illnesses associated with these bacteria are skin irritation, eye infections, headaches, fevers, and ear infections.
  3. Aspergillus Versicolor: This form of mold gives off a musty odor and is known to cause eye, nose, and throat irritations. In more severe cases, fungal infections may occur and are not as easily treatable. Mold in this form is also most commonly found indoors.

Luckily, Zerorez® has the perfect solution for a healthier home and we're sure you've already guessed it. Yep, it's our patented cleaning process that is safe for the whole family! We don't use soaps, harsh chemicals, or detergents and our process cleans deep below the surface to remove stubborn spills and stains. It's also a safe upholstery cleaning solution for your finest fibers and hardiest synthetics. So whether you've got a few summer BBQ mishaps or an accidental furry friend stain, we've got you covered.

Zerorez upholstery cleaning is simple, yet effective. To leave you with nothing but clean, we apply our Zr Process® to your upholstery via a low-pressure spray. This loosens all that embedded dirt and debris while simultaneously removing it from your furniture. Once the process is complete, you can expect to find Zero Residue®. Unlike traditional cleaning services, our process doesn't leave behind a sticky residue from soaps or detergents, plus your upholstery dries quicker, letting you resume your daily activities sooner.

You could even consider our additional protectant. It's used specifically for upholstery and is a great soil and stain reducer. Plus, it acts as a barrier against potentially harmful substances, protecting your home without harsh chemicals or detergents. It's the perfect seal to freshly cleaned furniture and ensures your investment stays cleaner longer.

Detoxify and rejuvenate your home with a Zerorez upholstery cleaning. Your upholstery is probably not the first thing you'd consider cleaning, but it's just as important as your carpets. It's actually the second-largest filter in your home—believe it or not, your upholstery can actually spread germs and toxins around your carpet! Plus, leaving your furniture full of dirt, dust, and dander deteriorates its fresh and fluffy appearance. Call us today to freshen up your upholstery!

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