The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains

We all know how the pet thing goes, you love them to death while they are cute and cuddly, but as soon as they go pee, that all goes out the window. Potty training can be difficult and even when your pet is all grown up, accidents still happen! Muddy paws through the living room, late-night bathroom trips on the mat. We've all been there. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up to a new surprise from the puppy. It may seem like the yellow pee stains, odor remover stains, and whatever other stains your pet drags in, will never go away… But never fear, Zerorez® is here, and we have all the Pet Cleaning Solutions that you could ever need. So sit tight and listen to all the ways that WE can help YOU fix those Pesky Puppy Problems (or any other pet problem for that matter).

Getting Pet Urine Stains Out of Carpet Can Be Tough

In retrospect, we realize that the last sentence was a bit of a stretch… The answer is no, we can't potty train your pet for you. But we can help with the aftermath and isn't that generally the worst part? (It literally has the word math in it, so we'll let you answer that for yourself). Pet urine stains are the worst. In fact, the only thing that beats the stain is actually getting pet urine stains out of the carpet. Who's favorite Friday night activity is getting frisky with that stain remover? No one? Didn't think so. Lucky for you, Zerorez loves getting down and dirty with those stains!

Zerorez is The Way To Go For Cleaning Dog Urine Off Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning for pet urine can seem unnecessary. After all, everything that the professionals do, you can figure out at home, right? That's not entirely true. Here at Zerorez, we use counter-rotating brushes. This probably doesn't sound super exciting to you, but it should! These brushes reach deeply ingrained dirt and grime that even a vacuum can't get! Along with that, Zerorez also uses a patented wand that rinses your carpet without leaving water behind. Most wands flood the carpet padding with water which leads to the growth of bacteria when left to air-dry, but Zerorez's carpet wand will leave your carpet fresh and requires very little time to dry. Best of all, our water leaves behind Zero Residue®. This makes the process of getting pet urine stains out of carpet easy for Zerorez and provides much better results than trying to remove these stains yourself, plus that means zero hassle for you!

The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pee Stains

Pet's are an important part of your life, and we get that. But taking care of pets can get tricky and accidents are inevitable. That's what Zerorez is here for. We know you have more important things to do than searching the internet, trying to find ways to remove pet odors. All you have to do is call Zerorez, we've done all the research so that you don't have to. The truth is, Zerorez is the best carpet cleaner for pee stains, and here's why. You're average carpet cleaner is only going to address the surface of the problem, cleaning away waste and stains that are visible to the eye, but the reality is, the problem goes much deeper than just cleaning dried dog urine from carpet. We address that problem in a much more productive way, with a pad extraction procedure. So instead of touching up the surface with perfumes and odor masking agents, we really dig deep into the root of the problem. We aren't just cleaning dog urine off the carpet, we are ensuring it's gone for good.

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