The Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

If you're a pet owner, chances are your furry friends have stained your carpet more than one too many times. The best carpet cleaner for pet stains seems impossible to find.

Pets are the best, but their stains on our carpet aren't so much. Not only are they difficult to properly clean, but they tend to leave spots that seem impossible to remove.

At Zerorez®Fredericksburg , we've perfected a carpet cleaning system to remove pet stains and all. No more going through countless store-bought carpet cleaners and spending money on products that don't properly remove pet stains.

The best carpet cleaner for pet stains is our patented carpet cleaning system. Let us explain why!

Our Three-Step Carpet Cleaner Process

At Zerorez Fredericksburg , we follow the perfectly curated three step cleaning process. Which is done without the use of harsh soaps, detergents, or shampoos to properly clean your carpet.

Our goal here at Zerorez Fredericksburg is to provide the members of our community with a pet stain cleaning solution that is green and completely safe for you, your family, your pets, your home, and even the environment.

We start with a citrus-based pre-treatment, to break up all dirt, oil, and residue. From there we use our ZR lifter service, and lastly, we finish by Zerorezifying and finishing our three-step cleaning process!

Step One: ZR Lifter

Our lifting tool actively lifts any gross particles from the carpet. Such as dead skin, hair, or other bacteria and allergens from your carpet.

Using a counter-rotating brush design, we dislodge deeply embedded substances from the carpet. That can't normally be done with an everyday cleaning process, such as vacuuming.

Step Two: ZR Wand

The next step is done with our cleaning wand. This tool perfectly rinses the fibers of the carpet with our Zr™ Water, without soaking into the carpet pad and backing.

At the same time, we remove all water used and allow the drying time to be quick and the cleanliness of the carpet to be at its peak.

With our advanced cleaning process, you and your family will be on your carpet and back to normal activities sooner than you thought possible.

Step Three: Zr™ Water

Our safe cleaning process for pet stains and messes is all made possible by our Zr™ Water. Zr™ Water is the heart of the Zerorez Fredericksburg revolutionary cleaning technology.

"Zr™ Water is an electrolyzed cleaning fluid created by a process that begins with softened water that is combined with an electrolyte and then passed through a proprietary membrane, which separates the water molecules into a high pH cleaning fluid."

Our Zr™ Water acts as a detergent by breaking down oils and soils in the carpet without harmful chemical residue.

This cleaning substance is powerful enough to clean better than soap. Making it guaranteed safe for your pets' common hangout areas.

The use of our Zr™ Watermakes the process of getting pet urine and other stains out of your carpet easy for Zerorez Fredericksburg and produces much better results than you could while trying to remove those stains yourself.

Using Zerorez Fredericksburg for the best carpet cleaner means zero hassle for you! You will be so impressed with your clean carpets that you will forget about how frustrated you were with your stain providing pet.

Carpet Pet Odor Treatment

When you're a pet owner, not only are you looking for the best carpet cleaner for pet stains, you're probably also seeking how to get rid of the permanent smell of pets out of your carpet.

Every day carpet cleaners usually only penetrate the carpet's surface and fail to reach underneath the carpet. Only cleaning the visible waste, this leaves a much bigger problem that doesn't get taken care of often enough.

In the carpet backing and pad, or sometimes even to the baseboards. These non-professional grade carpet cleaners only temporarily clean and even mask the smell of pet odor. Using perfumes and leaving behind more residue with oils and other agents to only make your carpets smell and cleanliness worsen over time.

As we do love our fur pets, the smells they can damage our carpets with are luckily treatable at Zerorez Fredericksburg .

Using food-grade enzymes, we thoroughly get rid of pet odors. We don't use harsh chemicals to only mask the smells.

Then we use our Zr™ Water to deeply clean the pet ridden carpet area. It's our goal to leave behind Zero Residue®, or odor from your pets that want to linger.

Our Zerorez Fredericksburg carpet cleaning process is usually enough to do the trick for pet stains and odors. If left untreated, severe soiling of carpet can soak through the carpet backing and will then need a more in-depth extraction and cleaning procedure.

If left untreated and neglected, it is possible that extreme cases may find even the subfloor and tack strips have been soiled as well. In these less common cases, our technicians can recommend carpet/padding replacements from a third party professional we trust.

Removing Pet Stains From Carpets

Taking care of our pets isn't always easy, but it's always worth it. When accidents are inevitable, your carpet will definitely take a toll.

When you enter your home, you don't want to see stains and obstructions in your carpet. The best carpet cleaner for pet stains includes the complete penetration and removal of your pet caused deep staining.

Before you immediately go to using harsh detergents and chemicals on a place where your loved ones and pets visit frequently, consider Zerorez Fredericksburg .

We don't use those harmful liquids and in return, we offer a residue free stain removing and carpet cleaning.

Detergents tend to leave a residue which actually attracts more dirt and oil into your carpets fibers over time.

At Zerorez Fredericksburg , we provide a cleaner and safer carpet cleaning process. That not only removes your pet stains and odor, but leaves your carpet staying clean for much longer.

Finding the best carpet cleaner for pet stains can be as simple as calling Zerorez Fredericksburg and booking an appointment!

The Zerorez Fredericksburg Carpet Guarantee

No one cleans like we do! If you want the best and highest quality carpet cleaning for your home or office, you can't beat our patented cleaning process.

Our Zerorez Fredericksburg carpet cleaning process is guaranteed to be safe, efficient, long-lasting, and leaves behind Zero Residue®s. Making it the best carpet cleaner for pet stains.

"No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®!"

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg & Prince William County, Zerorez Fredericksburg is The Right Way to Clean®!


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