The Best Carpet Cleaner Pro Tips

At Zerorez, we are the best carpet cleaner - not just because we offer a patented cleaning technology that will get your carpets cleaner than you ever dreamed they could be but also because we know carpets and what it takes to keep them in great shape. In fact, there are a number of tips and tricks we can pass along to you to help you keep your carpets clean and beautiful, including:

1 - Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Yes, we said it three times. Why? Because vacuuming frequently and thoroughly is the best thing you can do for your carpets. Most carpet wear is caused by dirt and debris that is left on carpeting and subsequently ground into the fibers over time. In addition, stains are created or made worse by oily dirt that attracts soil. Vacuuming slowly and methodically at least once or twice a week will keep most of your carpeting problems at bay.

2 - Don't Ignore Stains

The longer a stain, of any kind, stays on and in your carpeting, the harder it will be to remove. Almost any kind of stain is treatable if it is addressed within a couple of days and before it's walked on too often. If you don't pay attention to a stain and try to use some kind of cleaner to get rid of it, you may have to think about rearranging your furniture to cover it.

3 - Use Detergents Sparingly

When you get to a stain quickly, you often need just a wet cloth to blot it up. Sometimes, however, a stain is a little more stubborn and requires the use of some kind of carpet cleaning detergent, shampoo or spot cleaner. If you have to resort to these, use them sparingly because cleaner residue can build up and become hard to remove with a vacuum once it dries. In addition, damp detergent residue will attract more dirt.

4 - Test Cleaners Before Using

Unless you're using water, detergents, shampoos and other cleaners should be tested on a hidden section of your carpeting, like carpeting inside a closet. All carpeting is different. Some will react badly to acidic cleaners while others react badly to alkali cleaners, which can result in color changes to the fibers.

5 - Beware Of Grocery Store Cleaning Machines

If you've ever been tempted by the bank of rentable carpet cleaning machines near the entrance of your favorite grocery store, look away. To be sure, people use these machines; but they are not a good option for the home user because they are hard to use correctly. And using them incorrectly means leaving detergent residue in your carpeting or worse - too much water. Too much water can lead to wet, soggy carpets now and mold and mildew later.

6 - Get The Help Of Professionals

Carpet cleaning pros know how to get your carpeting clean and they do it quickly and efficiently. Pros have the right equipment, training and know-how to clean any kind of carpet. When you call Zerorez, the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas, NV to clean the carpeting in your home, you can be sure that it will look as good as the day it were installed.

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